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In October 2015, a 1994 Fleetwood mobile home occupying space [000] in Lincoln Center Mobile Home Park (Owned by a KSFG Company) sold for $21,000. According to online documents, the new homeowner(s) signed the standard twenty-one (21) page, twenty-five (25) year long-term lease.

In April 2016, five (5) months later, an Unlawful Detainer (UD) lawsuit was filed against the new homeowners (Defendants) by Lincoln Center GP LLC (Plaintiffs) by Kevin Scott, authorized representative for Lincoln Center Mobile Home Park. The residents were late with their rent one time and served with a combined 3/60 notice (Pay Rent or Quit).

In August 2016, Lincoln Center GP LLC, represented by Hart King Attorneys at Law, won a Stipulated Judgment against the two (2) homeowners listed in the Unlawful Detainer (UD). That judgment appears to entail the surrender of the mobile home in exchange for no claims ($0) against the homeowners. A Writ of Possession (lockout) date of October 11, 2016 was agreed to by all parties.

These new homeowners paid $21,000 for a mobile home that we are informed may have had holes in the floor, water damage to the roof and walls, and may have been classified as substandard had it been properly inspected by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Within twelve (12) months of purchase, these homeowners were evicted.

This is not the first time that Space [000] has turned over in a short period of time. In November 2013, a 2010 Fleetwood which occupied space [000] sold for $39,900 according to online records. Resources inform us that it was removed from the park upon sale and the 1994 Fleetwood was brought in to replace it. We do not have information regarding the status of the homeowner who purchased in November 2013 and occupied the space to October 2015, they remained just under two (2) years.

* Note: Mobile home is not for sale yet. The current residents have until October 11, 2016 to vacate the premises. We expect this 1994 Fleetwood mobile home to remain in place and be listed for sale and sold "AS-IS" by an affiliate of Kort & Scott Financial Group.

  1. * Estimated Listing Date: 2016-10-15
    • Model: 1994 Fleetwood, 3 BR, 2 BA
    • Size: 1,213
  2. Last Update: 2015-10-03
    • Model: 1994 Fleetwood, 3 BR, 2 BA
    • Size: 1,213
    • Price: $21,000
    • Space Rent: $1,250
    • Retailer: Blue Carpet Manufactured Homes, Michelle Fairchild
  3. Last Update: 2013-11-29
    • Model: 2010 Fleetwood, 3 BR, 2 BA
    • Size: 1,248
    • Price: $39,900
    • Space Rent: $1,500
    • Retailer: TNG Real Estate Consultants, Dean Wood

We do know, based on experience, that mobile homes normally do not turn over this quickly. Space [000] may now be up for sale for the third time in less than three years. Over seventy-five (75) mobile homes have listed for sale in Lincoln Center Mobile Home Park since January 2013 (see table below).

We have seen this type of fast track eviction activity taking place in other KSFG mobile home parks throughout California. Review the Sampling of Mobile Home Sales that the MHPHOA are tracking and you will see the turnover of mobile home park spaces happening in unusually short time periods. Review the Sampling of 478 Eviction Lawsuits and you will see the victims of what this egregious predatory business behavior may lead to.

Lincoln Center GP LLC - Combined 3-Day and 60-Day Notice - Page 1 of 3
Lincoln Center GP LLC - Combined 3-Day and 60-Day Notice - Page 2 of 3
Lincoln Center GP LLC - Combined 3-Day and 60-Day Notice - Page 3 of 3

Many of these mobile home owners lost their homes (evicted) in an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit filed by a KSFG named business entity. Mobile home parks are managed by Sierra Corporate Management.

Sampling of 478 Eviction Lawsuits
Chronological Order from 2000 thru 2018