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The MHPHOA are a group of current and previous mobile home owners who live in, or have lived in, a mobile home park owned by a Kort & Scott (KS) company and managed by Sierra Corporate Management (SCM) or another named DBA (Doing Business As).

Our purpose is to provide mobile home owners with news and information regarding their mobile home park and the ongoing business activities of KS and SCM.

Please read our Information Disclaimer. We do our best to provide information that is accurate and timely. Our sources of information are publicly available and are curated by a group of knowledgeable mobile home owners both past and present.

The goal of the MHPHOA is to provide a CONSUMER WARNING that does NOT exist practically for residents and potential buyers of mobile homes in California and many national mobile home parks.

Under the typical scenario, residents of a mobile home park may awaken one morning to find that the park they live in suddenly has a new owner – one that they did not choose and would not want to do business with. This is happening at an increasing rate as Wall Street and Corporate Investment Interests purchase mobile home parks from existing mom-and-pop owners, particularly in California.

Be very careful about communities owned by large corporations, which have no souls. Some are quite good, others awful to the point of being predatory. These companies exist to make money for their shareholders and one way is incremental annual rent increases (usually in the 4%-5% range) that in a few short years can really put tenants living on fixed incomes in a bind. Research carefully.
John Grissim, The Grissim Guides

While the majority of mobile home parks in California and the USA are still owned by mom-and-pop type owners, residents of these parks need to know that they have little to no say if the owner decides to sell the park to a new owner. Often this is done in secrecy and the mobile home park residents are informed afterwards.

Some of the new owners, corporate or aggressive, may present space rent increases to be in effect in as little as 90 days after they purchase. If the residents do not already have protective clauses in their leases, or they are on a month to month rental basis with no lease, they could see much higher space rents in a very short period of time.

Be assured that the vast majority of the nation’s 50,000 manufactured home communities are owned by mom-and-pop proprietors who are good folks and who do an excellent job of protecting everyone’s interests, especially avoiding excessive rent increases. Still, when doing your research, be sure to talk to park residents (privately out of earshot of management) to ask questions about recent rent increases and related issues.
John Grissim, The Grissim Guides

As more and more mobile home parks are sold to aggressive corporate interests, mobile home park residents are facing an extreme affordable housing crisis. The MHPHOA website will help readers seeking affordable housing to avoid, prevent, and mitigate these potential circumstances.

In the last decade (2005-2015), 4,792 mobile home lots in the state have vanished from the map according to data from the California Department of Housing and Community Development, with even more expected to disappear. Over 400 mobile home parks have closed in the State of California over the last 20 years (1995-2015).

In some cases, entire mobile home parks have been sold and then shuttered. In other instances, mobile home residents were gradually pushed out. For example, residents of Mission Valley Village in San Diego, a mobile home park for seniors, were slowly pushed out due to rising rent and decaying conditions according to a San Diego Reader article in 2010. Either way, the number of mobile home lots available for lower-income Californians has continued to shrink.
Katie Kramon, Peninsula Press

The overall goal of the MHPHOA is to stop the gouging profitability of aggressive corporations by warning enough potential renters to avoid living under such risk or to negotiate a better lease that will protect them from sudden financial changes.

Gradually, one by one, mobile home parks in California are going to be shut down. It’s not feasible financially to create new ones.
Donald Barr, Stanford Professor

It is our hope that enough state officials and community citizens will show concern and action that there will be legal changes made to protect this form of affordable housing from extreme onslaught while providing for continued profitability for community minded good citizen mobile home park owners.

The MHPHOA is self-sufficient. We don’t have any membership fees or dues. We don’t want your hard earned money nor your kind donations.

Information and knowledge are free, we have 5,000+ hours of documented research available on the website – use this to your advantage.

In this age of litigation and with a continued focus on diminishing home owner rights, the MHPHOA has pledged itself and makes a commitment to preserve the rights of mobile home owners.

The MHPHOA’s key allegiance members are available to consult and provide testimonial services on relevant cases and matters.

If you have a case that needs an independent expert from the industry, call upon us. With years of dedicated service to the industry, the MHPHOA will be proud to help you in your pursuit of the American Dream.