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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 9320 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, California 92708
  • County: Orange
  • Phone: 714-962-2112
  • Spaces: 193 + 1 Apartment
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,950 to $2,250
  • Purchased: Jun 2011, Amount: $33,375,000
  • Refinanced: Circa 2019-2021, Amount: $42,000,000
    Loan Type: Freddie Mac, Originator: Lument
  • Management: Apex Residential Management
  • DBA: Fountain Valley MHP Associates LP, Fountain Valley MHP GP LLC, 9320 Talbert Associates LLC
  • DBA Filing: Apr 2011, Aug 2018

2016 Sep – Nice place, nice homes – but wow! The manager of this park is such a snobby b**ch. No toilet paper in the restrooms by the pool. She blamed it on someone else. In fact, every little thing out of place she was quick to point the finger at someone else, even bad talking them. WOW! We will not be thinking of moving there. Not until the current manager is gone anyway. I believe her name was Lorie Lara. Avoid her like the plague.
Saki U.

2016 Jan – In August 2011, a new homeowner bought a confiscated mobile home from Sierra Corporate Management for $12,000. There was evidence that the mobile home title was not correct for many years before resident bought the home and that Sierra Corporate Management sold the home when they did not have title to it. The new homeowner asked for title to the home but was told that they could not have it until the home loan was paid off. They had paid approximately $11,000 of the loan. From November 2011 thru March 2012 (5 months) the homeowner’s electrical utility bill was too high, hundreds of dollars too high when their previous electrical bills were averaging $60 dollars. Often when asking resident park managers about the eviction, homeowner would be told by the park manager that she did not know anything about it.

Homeowner protested the high utility bills but was told to pay them. They continued protesting for a period of time. The homeowner had Orange County Weights and Measures check the meters and was told there was nothing wrong with the meters and to take it up with the park owners. They continued protesting. A neighbor two doors down had similar high utility bills but was somehow able to get them adjusted. There was an argument with park management about a pet in an outdoor cage. Park management told the homeowner to trim vegetation that was the neighbors.

The homeowner made considerable improvements to the house. The floor was soft in many places so they had floor covering put in. The family performed the labor on most improvements. The heater did not work. The oven did not work. A month after purchase, there was a leak under the house requiring a plumber. The homeowner put in a new kitchen sink. Approximately one month after the purchase, the homeowner was told to paint the house. At the same time, the homeowner decided to also install a new dishwasher, ceiling fans, landscaped the bare dirt with green vegetation and added a lamp in front.

Between the painting requirements and the continued high utility bills, the homeowner got behind on rent and was immediately served an eviction notice in August 2012. The homeowner was evicted from the mobile home by October 2012 after one year of occupancy. The now ex-homeowner received notice that they still owe $6,000 and a collection agency was hounding them. The ex-homeowner’s credit rating was damaged. The ex-homeowner feels that they were harassed because of their complaints about the electrical bills and that there was a deliberate effort to force them out of their home. The ex-homeowner did seek legal assistance but there was nothing that could be done, it was too late, the eviction proceeding had already been disposed of by judgment.
As Told by Evicted Ex-Homeowner

2015 Aug – This park has raised the rent of elderly Social Security Income only, people who are Vets, retired teachers, nurses, caregivers, soldiers from many wars who fought to save our Country, to live a free, and comfortable, safe life. In the last 5 years, average raise total has been $400-$500, a 5% increase every year. Including when the market crashed, and no one was buying, this park continued to raise the rents. IMO, they are waiting until the homeowner can no longer pay the lease, and have to simply walk away, for they can’t sell the home with a $1,600 lease, not including the home payment itself, which can run a total of $3,500 a month.
Angel M.

2015 Jul – The lady whom is “supposed” to answer the phone continued to hang up on me over and over instead of answering. When she finally got on the line she was the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. I couldn’t believe how she represented this property. If she is not the owner then the owner might want to know how his/her staff is treating perspective tenants. I have since withdrew my offer on a home in this community. I wouldn’t be able to live in a community when the one person who is there to help you treats you like garbage!
Melissa C.

2015 Jun – Fountain Valley Estates is not in the habit of looking for their tenants doing right. They seek out tenants that might have one weed growing in the front yard, take a picture of it, and then give you a 14 day notice to pull the one weed or be charged $250 gardener fees. Sure wish I had known of the hostile environment this corporation runs. Also, every single year on your “anniversary date” of living in the park, they thank you with a 5% increase in space rent. Don’t let them fool you with the increase rate of 2% to 5%. They will always increase the full 5%. When I purchased my home three years ago the going rate was $1,180 per month, I am now paying $1,560. BUYER BEWARE – THIS IS ONLY A TASTE OF IT!
M. Nelson

2012 Jul – Residents from Fountain Valley Estates addressed the City Council last night and submitted a petition signed by 113 residents asking the council to impose rent control after a series of increases by new owner, an affiliate of Kort and Scott Financial Group. Residents allege the new owners are taking advantage of homeowners who were denied lease renewals, then assessed the maximum allowable rent increase plus assessments to cover half of a supplemental property tax bill.
The Orange County Register

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Fountain Valley Estates
Operated By: KSFG, Apex Residential Management, Fountain Valley MHP Associates LP, Fountain Valley MHP GP LLC, 9320 Talbert Associates LLC
9320 Talbert Ave Fountain Valley CA 92708 714-962-2112 193 0 0 AA 2,250 03/2022
Rancho La Siesta Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Kato & Associates LLC
18194 Bushard St Fountain Valley CA 92708 714-962-3841 181 0 0 55 1,550 03/2022
Total Spaces: 374 0 0

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