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  • Address: 3700 Antelope Road, Antelope, California 95843
  • County: Sacramento
  • Phone: 916-344-4414
  • Spaces: 154
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2018 Space Rent: $750
  • Sold: Aug 2017 for $12,250,000
  • Name Changed to Antelope Manufactured Home Community
  • New Management: Cascade Corporate Management
  • New DBA: Antelope Manufactured Home Community GP LLC, Antelope Manufactured Home Community LP
  • New DBA Filing: Oct 2016
  • Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  • DBA: Larchmont Associates LLC, Larchmont Associates LP
  • DBA Filing: May 1996, Dec 2002
Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park Sold for $12.25MM

Mon, Sep 4, 2017 – Listed as "Recently Sold" on Martinez and Associates. LoopNet Last Updated: 2017-04-18

Mon, Nov 14, 2016 – In 1996 Kort & Scott purchased Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park located at 3700 Antelope Road, Antelope, California 95843.

On Tue, Nov 1, 2016, the mobile home park was listed for sale on LoopNet for $13,500,000 with a Cap Rate of 5.77% and a Net Operating Income of $778,950.

Described on LoopNet as an immaculate 154-space, all-age mobile home park on 19.35 acres with a laundry room, clubhouse and swimming pool. Runs on city water and sewer.

Broker: Victor Martinez, Martinez and Associates

Note: The residents of Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park have sued the Kort & Scott DBAs that own their park 2 times in the past 10 years. The second civil lawsuit is currently in progress with a trial date set for Oct 10, 2017.

Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park for Sale for $13.5MM

2017 May – This place has gotten worse within the last year. The management no longer does the weeding in the common areas and most of the street lights are not working. Way too many empty units. Trash and abandoned cars are everywhere. There is some sort of dead animal under an empty unit and it's smelling up this whole place. We will be moving ASAP. Another one bites the dust.

2016 Sep – This place is a hell hole, management has no idea what they're doing. They take advantage of people. They will make up random rules on the go. Please if you plan on moving in here I advise you stay away!
Ivan P.

2015 Nov – General Civil Lawsuit Filed by Residents 12. Defendants maintained both a per se public nuisance and a common-law nuisance on their property by substantially failing to provide and maintain the Park's common areas, facilities, services, and physical improvements in good working order and condition.
Kort & Scott Financial Group Lawsuits

  • Case Number: 34-2015-00177316-CU-PO-GDS
  • Plaintiffs 1-XX vs. Larchmont Associates, LLC, Larchmont Associates, L.P., Sierra Corporate Management, Inc.
  • Order Date: 2015-11-17, Filing Date: 2015-04-01
  • Complaint:
    1. The Park's sewer system spills sewage needlessly endangering the safety of the public and residents. This sewage flows down streets, in front of homes and onto some of the lots. The poor maintenance of the sewage system has also caused sewage to back-up inside residents' homes. The smell of sewage goes inside residents' homes and can be smelled throughout the Park. Sewage spill and/or backups have resulted in damage to residents' homes and personal property.
    2. The Park's water system provides contaminated, discolored, rusty, dirty and odorous water needlessly endangering the safety of the public and residents. The water pressure is low and management has failed to provide residents with advanced notice of shut-offs of water service. Residents have been overcharged for water. The water has caused some residents to become sick.
    3. The Park's electrical system provides inadequate power needlessly endangering the safety of the public and residents. Residents have experienced power outages that have affected multiple homes in the Park simultaneously. Residents have also experienced problems with power surges and flickering and dimming lights in their homes. Residents are unable to run multiple appliances at one time, because the Park provides insufficient electrical power to adequately supply needs of homeowners. Residents have noticed exposed or inadequately covered electrical wires in the Park. Electrical boxes have caught on fire. Problems associated with the Park's electrical system have damaged residents' kitchen appliances and home electronics and home appliances. Residents have had to spend money to replace food that had spoiled as a result of extended power outages.
    4. Residents are being overcharged for electricity. The electrical meters are not properly maintained and do not work properly.
    5. The Park's drainage system fails to safely remove water from residents' lots needlessly endangering the public and residents. The Park drains do not work properly. Improper drainage has caused the ponding of water in front of, around or under homes, as well as in streets, common areas, in driveways and on spaces. These drainage problems usually occur after rainfall or when sprinklers are used. Some homes have sustained damage, as the improper drainage has caused homes to become unleveled and sink. There are sinking areas on residents' spaces.
    6. The Park's failure to safely manage and maintain the common areas has needlessly endangered the public and residents. Streets have potholes, cracks, bumps, and depressions. Poor street conditions, along with improper lighting conditions, make it difficult for residents to walk, and put residents at risk for personal injury. Driveways are not maintained by the Park. Driveways are deteriorating and sinking.
    7. The swimming pool is not available for residents' use. The pool is filthy and poorly maintained. The water in the pool is murky and dirty.
    8. There is limited lighting in the Park. The lighting is either not turned on or not working, is inadequate, and/or is out for long periods of time. There have been unreasonable delays to replace broken and burned out bulbs. The light poles are not maintained. Residents do not feel safe walking at night in the Park due to the poor lighting.
    9. The clubhouse is not available for residents to use. The Park lets people from outside the Park use it. The kitchen window is broken and boarded up. The Park charges residents a large deposit to rent the clubhouse.
    10. The laundry room is unavailable for residents' use. The laundry room is not maintained and there are not enough machines and they do not work well. There is no light in the laundry room.
    11. Trees and landscaping are not properly maintained or trimmed, and look unsightly. Tree roots are damaging residents' driveways.
    12. Park restrooms and showers are dirty and not maintained. Restrooms are not stocked with toilet paper, soap, or paper towels. The Park showers are closed. The showerheads are broken.
    13. There is a lack of maintenance of the trash area. There are an inadequate number of trash containers, resulting in frequent overflows and scattered debris.
    14. The perimeter fence is falling down and crumbling.
    15. The fence around the pool has missing bars and small children can fit through the bars making it a health and safety issue.
    16. The playground, storage, barbecue, and basketball areas are not maintained. The playground has dangerous equipment and the area is covered with cat and dog feces.
    17. The storage area locks have been changed and residents cannot get a key. The storage area is not secure.
    18. The carwash has been closed.
    19. There is no basketball hoop.
    20. Park Management has failed to properly maintain vacant homes, which are often left in the Park for long periods of time in poor condition with broken windows. The vacant homes are eye sores and homeless persons have broken in to sleep in them and to take things from inside.
    21. The overall poor maintenance of the Park, Park areas, vacant lots, utilities, and landscaping, results in a rundown appearance and affects home sales.
    22. Lack of security and lighting has resulted in vandalism, graffiti, criminal and drug activity, and theft of personal property.
    23. The Park's failure to properly supervise and manage its employees has needlessly endangered the safety of the public and residents.
    24. Management is unavailable or is difficult to communicate with.
    25. Management harasses or and threatens retaliation against Plaintiffs, disregards their safety, and demonstrates lack of concern for them and their needs.
    26. Management regularly refuses to respond to Plaintiffs' complaints, and harasses, threatens and retaliates against them for making complaints.
    27. Management comes onto resident's spaces without advance notice and selectively enforces Park rules or does not enforce them at all.
    28. The lack of proper management has resulted in overcharges or improper billings for utilities.
    29. Repairs by Park owner or agents are done poorly or incorrectly.
    30. Management refuses to make repairs or there are lengthy delays in making repairs.
    31. Management interferes with the use or enjoyment of Plaintiffs' leasehold and home.
    32. The Park has a stigma and bad reputation affecting home values.
    33. Defendants have removed Park amenities and decreased services.
    34. There is a deterioration of the Park infrastructure and Park appearance despite high increases in rent by Defendants resulting in Plaintiffs' difficulty and/or inability to sell homes.
    35. Defendants interfere with prospective sales of homes by:
      1. failing to maintain the Park's infrastructure and appearance;
      2. improperly withholding approval of prospective purchasers for resident owned homes but approving them for Park owned homes which it offers at reduce rates;
      3. failing to provide Group B Plaintiffs with title to the homes upon purchase from Defendants,
      4. charging some Group B Plaintiffs for the back-owned taxes on the homes and,
      5. charging excessive rents for the leasehold which are not worth the amount charged.
  • Status: Set for Trial 2017-10-10, Mandatory Settlement Conference 2017-08-31

2015 Nov – This place is run down. Space rent is high for the appearance of the community. The utility meters are controlled by the clowns they hire to manage the park. I hate it, there are better mobile home parks to live at than this place. This place is infested with thieves that come from somewhere else to steal from the hardworking people that live here.
James H.

2014 May – I lived at Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park in North Highlands. Myself and about 13 others illegally lost our homes. The manager was fired for the crime and had served a few years in prison for the same thing about 10 years ago. Their lawyer is a snake too.
Susan N.

2008 Jun – General Civil Lawsuit Won by Residents Complaint Summary: Complaint for Nuisance, Breach of Contract, Negligence, Intentional Interference with Property Rights, Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Negligence Per Se, Unfair Business Practices, Breach of Warranty of Habitability and Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment, Declaratory and Injunctive Relief.
Kort & Scott Financial Group Lawsuits

  • Case Number: 06AS04103
  • Plaintiffs 1-XX vs. Larchmont Associates LP
  • Status: Plaintiffs Won on 2008-06-05
  • Damages Awarded: $3,800,000+

2000 Dec – She was told that Sierra Management, the company that runs Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park where Reed lives in North Highlands, had made an accounting error and undercharged most of the park’s residents for sewer and storm drain charges for over three years. But now the error is fixed, and the company wants residents to pay up. In some cases, the bills run $400, $500 and $600. The company admits that the bills arise from their own mistake, but that they still have a legal right to collect.
Sacramento News

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Antelope Manufactured Home Community
Operated By: Cascade Corporate Management
The BoaVida Group
3700 Antelope Rd Antelope CA 95843 916-344-4414 154 0 0 AA
Emerald Meadows Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Kort & Scott
Sierra Corporate Management
Larchmont Associates LLC
Larchmont Associates LP
3700 Antelope Rd Antelope CA 95843 916-344-4414 154 0 0 AA 700 03/2018
Total Spaces: 154 0 0

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