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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 918 Pampas Drive, Grass Valley, California 95945
  • County: Nevada
  • Phone: 530-273-2603
  • Spaces: 177
  • Type: 55+
  • 2022 Space Rent: $900
  • Purchased: Sep 2006, Amount: $12,700,000
  • * Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  • DBA: Grass Valley Glade GP LLC, Grass Valley Glade MHP Associates LP
  • DBA Filing: Sep 2006

2017 Nov – We have lived here just 3 years. We were told by the previous manager that signing a 25-year lease would help protect us on rent increases. We have gotten yearly increases of $40 per year. Our income has not changed since we moved here. I think about all the other seniors in this park who are on fixed incomes! Nothing ever improves on park grounds. The office/clubhouse is run down and our driveways are in bad shape, there are dead trees on properties. It's impossible to sell because corporate approval for new resident qualifications are high! More than half of current residents would not qualify under these standards! We've had qualified buyers who could have easily paid rent but past credit/bankruptcy disqualified them as residents. Corporate needs to look at our demographic/local small town economy/housing crisis and understand this is not like other cities in higher populated areas. Yes this location is great, but if you do not drive it's not walkable with these steep hills for roads to walk on, so location is not a selling point! Horrible management! Very unprofessional cussing at residents yelling/fighting with spouse! Friends/family hired as help. Can't wait to get out of here!

2015 Nov – If you are ever considering about buying a home here, “DON’T”. The management is so piss poor, they should not even have one. Things are always broken down or out of order. The management company is only out for your hard earned money and don’t give a rat’s ass about your well being. So if you want the worst experience of your adult life, by all means move in here. They never inform you about any work that is being done that will inconvenience you. Just so you know, I have lived here for about 5 years and there have been 4 different managers in that time, and the most current one is the worst. Good luck to you!
Sam T.

2008 Oct – About 100 residents of the Olympia Glade Mobile Home Park in Glenbrook Basin filled the City Council chambers Tuesday night, insisting council members do something about impending rate increases from Sierra Corporate Management.

‘The rents were too high and that’s when we got involved,’ said City Administrator Dan Holler. ‘For renters, anything will be too much and to the owners, it won’t be enough,’ he said.

‘Things have gone to hell,’ said resident Bob Dunn to the council. ‘Are you willing to give us help?’

Councilman Dan Miller said he would. ‘When I see a senior being skinned by someone at the corporate level, it makes me sickened,’ Miller said. ‘We’ll work our (tails) off to see you’re not skinned.’

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces Type Rent Date
Crystal Mobile Home Community 617 Walsh St Grass Valley CA 95945 925-207-2514 14
Empire Courts 740-758 S Auburn Grass Valley CA 95945 530-274-1972 20
Forest Springs Mobile Home Park 10084 Forest Springs Dr Grass Valley CA 95949 530-273-5954 310
Grass Valley Mobile Home Village 15329 Little Valley Rd Grass Valley CA 95949 530-273-6961 104
Mountain Air Mobile Home Park 14338 Hwy 49 Grass Valley CA 95949 530-273-3004 89
Olympia Glade Mobile Estates
KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management
10918 Pampas Dr Grass Valley CA 95945 530-273-2603 177 900 02/2021
Pines Mobile Home Park 10530 Walker Dr Grass Valley CA 95945 530-273-6253 21
Ponderosa Pines Mobile Home Park 14970 Hwy 49 Grass Valley CA 95949 530-265-9313 140
Sierra Pines Mobile Home Park 62 Primrose Ln Grass Valley CA 95945 530-273-4127 187
Sunset Mobilehome Park of Grass Valley 12267 Rough & Ready Hwy Grass Valley CA 95945 530-763-7450 12
Tall Pines Estates 13960 Golden Star Rd Grass Valley CA 95949 530-477-8337 98
Wagon Wheel Estates 639 Whiting St Grass Valley CA 95945 530-273-0853 38
Total Spaces: 1,210

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