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  • Address: 15352 Williams Street, Tustin, California 92780
  • County: Orange
  • Phone: 714-542-0637
  • Spaces: 192, Apartments: 2
  • Type: All Ages (Previously 55+ Circa 2005)
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,850 to $1,975
  • Purchased: Jan 2005, Amount: $4,500,000, Leasehold Rights Only
  • Management: Bessire and Casenhiser
  • DBA: Tustin Village GP LLC, Tustin Village MHP Associates LP
    NorPlum LP (Ground Lease Holder)
  • DBA Filing: Dec 2004, Dec 2008

2015 Jun – I have a friend who has been living at Tustin Village MHP for quite some time. They are getting on in years and are having trouble coming up with the $1,600 per month space rent. I’m not familiar with Mobile Home Parks and was hoping you could help shine some light. Their rent has gone up from $500 to now $1,600 during the time they've been there. My friend is on a fixed income and most of it now goes towards the rent.

2014 Dec – Do not buy or live here. Space rent is ridiculous and the place is dirty. And, if you ever want to sell your place you will not be able to do that and the park will end up keeping it and reselling it and making money on your behalf.
Lily P.

2014 Nov – Veteran Walks Away from $125,000 Mobile Home – Reasons for Vacating

1. The overall condition of the park along with the quality of life have deteriorated considerably since I purchased my mobilehome here in September 2006. This process appears to have begun at the time of the Leasehold Rights purchase by Kort & Scott in January 2005 and has accelerated after the conversion to a Family Park in 2007.

2. Past and ongoing lack of, and failure to, enforce the Tustin Village MHP Rules and Regulations. Items: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 22, 27, 29, 31 and 34. I’ve estimated 100+ Title 25, HCD, and MRL Violations, well beyond the average. Information obtained from the MPM-PI Violation Booklet, Title 25 and the MRL.

3. Park Management itself continues to violate the Tustin Village MHP Rules and Regulations, specifically item number 7 regarding Accessory Equipment, Structures and Appliances, Section B, Sub-Section 8, Item (a) which states (a) Only new, not used, mobilehomes are permitted.
Veteran Walks Away from $125,000 Mobile Home – Reasons for Vacating

2014 Jul – Buyers beware. Tustin Village MHP is a poorly managed park. The property management company, Sierra Corporate Management is an unorganized mess. They are putting in old homes and covering them up with pressboard and not doing the proper repairs. The land lease is scheduled to expire on April 30, 2017 which means if the land lease is not renewed, you will be out of luck, and out of a home.
Evelyn T.

2014 Jun – I've watched many people forced out of their mobile homes by skyrocketing rent costs. New tenants are expected to pay $1,600.00 per month space rent in addition to any mortgage payment they may have for their mobile home. Rent goes up approximately $80.00 per month every year (May) like clockwork. Meanwhile, surrounding mobile home parks are under $1,000 for space rent and are much nicer with much higher property values. I've watched more than a handful of people just walk away from their properties. I've watched the elderly, folks on fixed incomes, forced out of their homes. The rent keeps going up and the property values keep going down.
Edward L.

2007 Jun – Since 2004 the seniors of Tustin Village in Orange County have begged their city council for relief from the economic oppression of K&S. Their cries are still ignored. Tustin Village was recently converted to all-age. Space rent is $950 per month, perfectly good homes sell for as little as $500 - and, as they have every week for the past year, Catholic Charities delivers food to prevent homeowners from starving. The only thing Lee Kort and Michael Scott care about is their bottom line. When K&S purchases a community they immediately escalate space rent, reduce amenities, eliminate services, and cut operating expenses to the absolute minimum. California Mobilehome Residency Law mandates that a reduction in amenities or services requires a reduction in rent. You won't get one from Kort and Scott.
The Press – Guest Comment

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Montesilla Mobilehome Park
Operated By: Patricia Morrow
15601 B St Tustin CA 92780 714-544-1402 58 0 0 55 800 04/2019
New Villa Valencia Mobile Estates
Operated By: Dunex Inc GP
14092 Browning St Tustin CA 92780 714-544-0311 158 0 0 AA 1,350 09/2020
Parque Santiago
Operated By: Tustin Parque Santiago LLC
215 S Prospect Ave Tustin CA 92780 714-544-1618 45 1 0 55
Saddleback Mobilelodge
Operated By: Meurs & Kathleen Wallen Trust
15401 Williams St Tustin CA 92780 714-542-4967 163 0 0 55 920 09/2020
Sutliff Trailer Park
Operated By: Sutliff Trailer Park LLC
135 Mountain View Tustin CA 92780 650-589-8757 28 0 0
Trail A Way Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Barry Johnson
1782 Nisson Rd Tustin CA 92780 714-544-0600 100 0 0 AA 925 09/2020
Tustin Village Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Bessire and Casenhiser Inc, Tustin Village MHP Associates LP
15352 Williams St Tustin CA 92780 714-542-0637 192 0 0 AA 1,975 02/2022
Total Spaces: 744 1 0 1,194

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