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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 400 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, California 92021
  • County: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-444-7752
  • Spaces: 187
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,350 to $1,550
  • Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  • DBA: Greenfield MHP Associates LP, Mobilehome Equities Inc, Tustin Ranch Partners Inc
  • DBA Filing: Aug 1993

Toxic Chemical Secretly Dumped in El Cajon – Making Residents Sick

Sat, Feb 1, 2020 – Several El Cajon residents believe a toxic chemical in the ground is making them sick. The Department of Toxic Substances Control addressed their concerns at a community meeting held at Magnolia Elementary School Saturday evening.

Representatives with the agency explained Senior Aerospace Ketema (formerly Ametek) had secretly dumped thousands of pounds of a chemical degreaser into a pit, resulting in trichloroethylene – or TCE – exposure. The chemical then got into the ground water and contaminated the soil and indoor air.

The contamination is affecting Magnolia Elementary and three nearby mobile home parks.

During the meeting, agency representatives listed symptoms associated with TCE exposure, which include headache, dizziness, skin irritation, bronchial irritation and blurry vision.
Andrew Nomura, Fox 5 San Diego

Ametek Granted Partial Judgment in Alleged Ground Contamination Case

Thu, May 10, 2018 – The owners of mobile home parks were not able to immediately claim compensatory damages after they alleged a nearby facility dumped toxic waste on its property.

The court stated that Ametek pointed out the plaintiff Greenfield MHP Associates LP, et al. are not allowed to be rewarded compensatory damages grounded on any potential remediation costs for the future. The district court decided the case will proceed under the notion that if the plaintiffs do win at trial when it comes to Ametek’s alleged liability, the district court will move forward with the new information in mind.

The legal issues between the parties began after the mobile home parks' owners filed a lawsuit against Ametek and Senior Operations LLC after a manufacturing facility allegedly contaminated the ground after it released toxic chemicals, including more than 500,000 gallons of liquid waste into the soil and water by 2003. The plaintiffs allege a plume extended beyond the facility's boundaries and contaminated soil and groundwater under the mobile home parks. An expert pointed out that if the plume was not remediated, it could impact the plaintiffs' properties for 185 years, the court's decision states.
Charmaine Little / Northern California Record

El Cajon Toxic Plume Still a Problem for Mobile Home Residents

Fri, Feb 23, 2018 – Ana Hayes moved into her home at the Starlight Mobile Home Park in El Cajon in 1969. It’s where she raised her three children, and it’s where she and her husband still live.

Hers is one of the 457 mobile homes that sits above a toxic groundwater plume that residents first learned about in October 2016, though state officials and the company responsible for the contamination knew about it in the late 1980s.

So far, 151 homes in the Starlight, Greenfield and Villa Cajon mobile home parks have been tested, and 63 more are expected to be tested this year.

Lawsuits Filed Against Ametek

The lawsuits allege that Ametek “knowingly, willfully and intentionally failed” to stop the contamination from spreading and possibly affecting nearby homes and businesses. Fiske told inewsource one of the primary goals of the lawsuits is to provide medical monitoring for the people living and working on the plume who may have been exposed to TCE.

Last year, Ametek asked the court to hold the owners of the mobile home parks liable along with Ametek. The company said the owners knew about the contamination and never told the residents. The judge ruled against Ametek.
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Every Home Located on Toxic Plume in El Cajon Should be Tested

Mon, Jun 12, 2017 – There is no doubt now that some residents of two mobile home parks in El Cajon have been exposed to toxic gas seeping into their homes from a plume of contaminated groundwater. Recent air testing and a newly released health risk study make that clear.

Residents of the Starlight Mobile Home Park and Greenfield Mobile Home Estates will have their first chance this week to question public officials since the testing of 17 initial homes.
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Purple Roofs - Mobile Homes for Air Testing

Starlight Mobile Home Park – El Cajon TCE Contamination Updates

2016 Dec – This email follows up on our recent correspondence regarding soil contamination in El Cajon. We have finished investigating the presence of TCE in the area and, unfortunately, will not be pursuing the matter further.

If you recall, a class action lawsuit was filed in 2015 by another local law firm for teachers and students of Magnolia Elementary School exposed to contaminated soil gas. The development of that lawsuit will likely inform whether or not a similar claim can be made on behalf of the residents in the area. Given the pending litigation, we have decided not to pursue additional legal action at this time.

Please be aware that if you decide to pursue individual claims concerning the contamination, those claims are governed by a statute of limitations. This means that a person like yourself has a certain length of time to bring a lawsuit against the party that you believe is responsible for the harm you suffered. Statutes of limitations range among the different states and the causes of action you might wish to pursue. The statute of limitations can be as short as one year from injury, or even shorter if the government is a responsible party. They are also often halted, or stayed, when a class action is pending. Consequently, it is important that you promptly seek other legal counsel if you wish to pursue a legal claim.

Erin Brockovich to Investigate Toxic Plume in El Cajon

Thu, Nov 17, 2016 – Attorney Erin Brockovich will be investigating the allegations of a toxic plume of groundwater in an El Cajon neighborhood, according to a post on her Facebook page.

El Cajon residents say the plume is making the people living in the Starlight Mobile Home Park sick. The mobile home park sits above the plume.

‘We moved in November of last year, but we became so ill, summer gets worse.’ said Stephanie Jordan. ‘The hotter it gets, the more fumes you get.’ Until just a few months ago, Jordan had no idea she was living over a plume of toxic groundwater.

According to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, the groundwater has been polluted with cancer-causing chemicals for decades and can emit toxins into the air above via toxic vapors.

Two of the toxic chemicals present in the vapors are Trichloroethylene, also known as TCE, and Tetrachloroethlene, known as PCE.
Emily Thode / KGTV San Diego

Erin Brockovich Facebook Post

El Cajon Residents Pack Meeting on Toxic Plume

Thu, Nov 17, 2016 – State officials were just minutes into their presentation about an underground chemical plume in El Cajon when homeowners began raising questions: ‘Have you tested it?’ a voice came from the back. ‘How are we going to sell our homes?’ asked another.

Residents of the Starlight and Greenfield Mobile Homes Estates, along with other neighbors – some 60 in all – nearly filled a Magnolia Elementary School auditorium Wednesday evening.
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Starlight Mobile Home Park and Greenfield Mobile Home Estates Home Owners

Mobile Homes in Starlight Mobile Home Park to be Tested

Mon, Oct 31, 2016 – Residents in an El Cajon neighborhood are just finding out their homes have been sitting above a shallow, toxic plume for more than half a century.

Even after all this time, no one knows whether trichloroethylene and other chemical vapors have seeped up from tainted groundwater and entered homes through cracks in concrete. There has been no testing.

Now that is changing. In the last few days some residents of the Starlight Mobile Home Park on East Bradley Avenue have received visits from state officials offering to test the air in their homes. The state will also test the air outside.

For Anne Beams, a former Department of Defense teacher who has lived at Starlight since the 1980s, the developments come as a surprise.

‘No one at the park ever brought it to our attention,’ she said. Until this week, she was unaware of the plume. It’s a legacy of a 20th century aerospace manufacturing plant that once operated several hundred feet away.

‘Doesn’t it sound as though they were very slow in making those of us in Starlight aware of what could be happening to us all these years?’ she said of state authorities.
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Starlight Mobile Home Park Starlight Mobile Home Park

Toxic Plume in El Cajon Reaches Beneath Kort & Scott Mobile Homes

2016 Oct – On Thu, Oct 20, 2016, an article was published in inewsource regarding a toxic plume of TCE (Trichloroethylene) reaching beneath mobile homes. The article mentions a mobile home park in El Cajon, California but no specifics are provided.

The MHPHOA investigated further and it appears that two (2) Kort & Scott owned mobile home parks are affected; Starlight Mobile Home Park and Greenfield Mobile Home Estates. Both mobile home parks have mobile homes that are within the 1,000 μg/liter contour. No action and little testing have taken place there – until now. Here are some key snippets from the article…

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control issued a notification Thursday, October 6, 2016 after a contractor tested soil there and found TCE levels that left no doubt further testing should be done.

We collected data near the mobile homes along the property boundary and concentrations were detected at 5 feet below ground surface that are at level that may result in what we consider a significant risk to residents,” said Shahir Haddad, a supervising engineer for DTSC.

Several people at the mobile park said they’ve not been told that the plume runs under their homes. Most did not want to give their names.

Residents at the mobile park will be told of the testing results. The county water board is arranging a location and time, the agency’s Sean McClain said in an email.
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

2018 Jul – Super high rent that just keeps getting higher every year. There is very little guest parking and if you leave your car parked in front of your house for even a few minutes, the tow truck that prowls the park multiple times a day, will tow you in seconds. You have to pay for a key to the pool which was supposed to be part of what we get for our super high space rent. The new manager seems cool but the company he works for is greedy and wants to do very little for their residents. Plus, I’m pretty sure we are in the middle of that “toxic plume”. I mean that should lower our rent right? It's a clean and safe park though, so that’s one plus.
Shuron S.

2018 Apr – Man this place has some of the worst management a manufactured home community can have. The current manager they have is so lazy that she doesn’t even bother to try to get the correct meter readings for water and electricity that are located in the backyards. She’d rather guess and charge us a crazy amount of rent and have the guts to lie to our face. They even charge extra to use the swimming pool. Rent goes up every 6 months. If you have guests come over, they wouldn’t be able to find parking inside the park. Oh, if you happen to live there and want to move and sell your home, they make it so impossible for you to sell your house at a high value because rent is already at $1,400 average. Well, I can rant all day because the place is just horrible. I HOPE THIS HELPS. AND I HOPE THIS PLACE DO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!
Kobe B.

2018 Mar – DO NOT LIVE HERE, hopefully you’re reading this prior to buying a house here. The management is horrible, when Alex was a manager at least it wasn’t as bad, but a new management got there and prices go up literally every 6 months or so. When I started living there rent was $1,000 a month. We are up to $1,300, NO UTILITIES INCLUDED and they charge for everything they can. Now you even have to buy your own key to the pool and God forbids you try to sell your manufactured home, again they will make it impossible until you owe more than the value of the house and they can OWN IT. Also, they are in a lawsuit with the engineering company next door who contaminated all the land from which you grow trees and your kids might be playing at. There’s hundreds of other mobile home parks – CHOOSE WISELY and don’t live here.
Alejandra A.

2015 Oct – One example of a truly heartless company is Sierra Corporate Management, who has made a racket out of buying senior mobile home parks and turning them into "family parks". They will raise the rent dramatically in the first year, and continue to do so until people are paying an exorbitant amount of money for what amounts to be a slab of concrete with plumbing. These extreme space rent costs are destroying the resale value of these mobile homes for their owners – and are essentially altering the real estate market in favor of profiteers. The cost of displacing senior citizens ultimately falls on families and the taxpayer base as a whole – whereas before, the mobile home-owning senior citizen could live independently on a fixed income.
Rocky 2020

2014 May – This place is horrible! Drita Bronkey, the saleswoman, will tell you anything just to get you to buy a home. Once you do, they’re so rude to you. They will jack prices up so that you can’t afford it. After we bought a home here we had to pay 7 years back registration fees because they never took care of it. They are scam artist. You can ask any of the residents that live there.
Jax S.

Note: Click/tap on table headings to sort ascending or descending, click/tap the # column to reset.

# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces Type Rent Date
Alta Vista Mobile Home Park 14291 Rios Canyon Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-744-2215 60
Anchor Down Mobile Estates 260 E Bradley Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-749-0725 68 55
Arts Trailer Park 12043 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-448-9033 2
Bella Rosa Mobile Lodge 1155 E Main St El Cajon CA 92021 619-420-7747 35
Bostonia Trailer Court 1009 N 2nd St El Cajon CA 92021 619-560-5934 16
Brixton El Capitan 1425 E Madison Ave El Cajon CA 92021 76
Cajon Mobile Manor 751 Bradley Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-448-7675 55
Chieftain Mobile Park 187 Ballard St El Cajon CA 92021 619-439-2260 128
Crest Mobile Home Skylodge North 250 La Cresta Heights Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-232-8772 18
Crestview Heights 320 La Cresta Heights Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-697-3194 5
Crown Trailer Park 220 Shady Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-439-2260 43
Dahls Mobile Home Park 12035 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-745-5112 9
Eastern Trailer Court 213 El Cajon Blvd El Cajon CA 92020 619-789-0029 33
El Cajon Valley Mobile Home Park 410 S 1st St El Cajon CA 92021 619-442-4211 234
El Dorado Mobile Home Park 9041 El Dorado Pkwy El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-4501 51
Estrada Trailer Park 12051 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-4443 2
Evergreen Mobile Home Park 440 Van Houten Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619-247-0040 70
Flinn Springs Mobile Home Park 14959 Olde Hwy 80 El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-0071 49 AA
Four Star Mobile Park 12029 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-449-4373 4
Glenview Mobile Lodge 13445 E Hwy 8 Bus El Cajon CA 92021 619-765-0035 51
Greenfield Mobile Home Estates
KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management
400 Greenfield Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-444-7752 167 AA 1,550 02/2022
Happy Villa Senior Park 998 E Main St El Cajon CA 92020 619-561-0071 86
Heart Ohills Mobile Home Lodge 13792 Hwy 8 Bus El Cajon CA 92021 619-270-0648 46
Horseshoe Trailer Villas 150 S Anza St El Cajon CA 92020 619-436-5126 92
Ivy Trailer Park 309 Orlando St El Cajon CA 92021 619-444-8828 36
Juniper Trailer Court 1369 E Main St El Cajon CA 92020 619-439-2260 35
Las Dos Casitas 12031 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-745-5112 2
Lexington Mobile Estates 1430 E Lexington Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-422-5279 81
Los Coshes Mobile Home Estates 13217 Aurora Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-597-4900 126
Lynnwood Mobile Estates 1285 E Washington Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619-442-0829 194
Melody Trailer Park 1313 E Main St El Cajon CA 92021 619-422-5279 51
Monterey Mobile Lodge 13300 E Los Coches Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-4443 118
Mt. Helix View Estate 1105 W Chase Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619-588-7977 47
Oak Glen Village 15105 Olde Hwy 80 El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-3632 15
Olive Acres Trailer Park 503 N First St El Cajon CA 92021 619-749-2895 75
Olive Springs Villa 1347 Pepper Dr El Cajon CA 92019 619-477-9895 8
Palms Mobile Home Park 212 S Second St El Cajon CA 92021 619-444-3979 65
Paradise Trailer Park 1346 E Main St El Cajon CA 92021 619-749-2895 37
Park Place 8120 22 Royal Park Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-4192 2
Pecan Park Mobile Home Estates 14215 Pecan Park Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-758-0572 128 AA
Pepper Villa Mobile Home Park 1315 Pepper Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-296-6333 90
Pepperwood Mobile Home Park 1120 Pepper Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-444-7752 182
Rancho Canada Mobile Home Estates 8557 Rancho Canada Rd El Cajon CA 92121 619-745-5112 70
Rancho Laguna Mobile Club 13655 Hwy 8 Business El Cajon CA 92021 619-728-1500 113
Rancho Mesa Mobile Home Park 450 Bradley Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-279-0411 158
Rancho Sierra Mobile Home Park 10001 Dunbar Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-3176 29
Rancho Valley Village 12970 Hwy 8 Bus El Cajon CA 92040 619-443-4443 140
Redwood Trailer Park 1117 Redwood Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-469-4697 22
Rios Mobile Home Park 9741-9743 Hawley Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-0323 2
Rios Mobile Manor 14360 Rios Canyon Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-597-4900 80
Royal Estates 12505 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-745-5112 100 AA
Royal Park Manor 8147 Royal Park Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-4443 8
Royal Three 8120 28 Royal Park Ln El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-4192 3
Royal View Gardens Mobile Home Park 1351 Pepper Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-7839 76 AA
Safari Mobile Lodge 1174 E Main St El Cajon CA 92021 619-444-2470 184 55
Sahara Mobile Lodge 1345 E Madison Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-442-3950 71
Sequams Mobile Home Park 12033 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-745-5112 2
Shady Lane Trailer Court 1581 E Main St El Cajon CA 92021 619-291-8780 41
Shangri La 14012 Hwy 8 Bus El Cajon CA 92021 619-390-0505 10
Singing Hills Mobile Estates 1810 Hillsdale Rd El Cajon CA 92019 619-442-8207 104
Starlight Mobile Home Park
KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management
351 Bradley Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-745-5689 162 AA 1,350 02/2021
Swallows Sun Island Club 1631 Harbison Canyon Rd El Cajon CA 92019 619-445-3754 50
Terrace View Mobile Home Estates 13162 Hwy 80 El Cajon CA 92020 619-744-2215 205
The Knolls Mobile Home Estates 12530 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-448-0244 64
The Meadows 15420 Old Hwy 80 El Cajon CA 92021 619-443-5070 260 55
Tradewinds Trailer Court 13720 Hwy 80 El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-0071 23
Turn In Trailer Park 205 S Second St El Cajon CA 92021 619-247-0040 37
Villa Cajon 255 E Bradley Ave El Cajon CA 92021 619-447-0706 126
Villa Novia 1440 S Orange Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619-449-3300 136
Vista Del Cajon Mobile Home Park 12250 Vista Del Cajon El Cajon CA 92021 619-232-8772 50
Vista Royal 12506 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-9002 18
Westward Ho 12044 Royal Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-583-3440 129
Whispering Meadows Mobile Home Park 12690 Jackson Hill Dr El Cajon CA 92021 619-561-1778 40
Woodcreek Estates 15935 Spring Oaks Rd El Cajon CA 92021 619-466-7716 209
Total Spaces: 5,414

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