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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 5700 Carbon Canyon Road, Brea, California 92823
  • County: Orange
  • Phone: 714-528-7779
  • Spaces: 134
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,500 to $1,650
  • Refinanced: Jun 2005, Amount: $94,700,000, 3/6 MHP Package
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae FRM, Chad Thomas Hagwood
  • Refinanced: Dec 2013, Amount: $158,000,000, 3/8 MHP Package
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae FRM, Chad Thomas Hagwood
  • Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  • DBA: Hollydale Lowertier/Partner LP, Hollydale Uppertier/Operating LP
  • DBA Filing: Sep 2001
  • Previous Name: Hollydale Mobilehome Estates

2018 Aug – Just like so many others have said, this park raises space rents so high, you’re forced to move, and then they steal your home. It happened to us in 2013. Sure, it’s in a beautiful location, but they are scammers. We could no longer afford their outrageous space rent, as they had raised it several times on us, in a one-year period, so they blackmailed us. They said if we GIVE them our home, they would forget about the rent we were behind on (only due to the cost of increase), and we would be free and clear. And they harassed us weekly for the money. We should have sued them! Now to find out they’ve done it to many others, too? That is definitely NOT legal! Shame on that park’s management! We lost a home because of them!

2016 Oct – I checked out a home and already knew the space rent. But I wanted to get a personal feel for the office staff, so I stopped by. I was told the space rent was $1,600 for the space when I visited the front office. But, I was also told that the other space rents start at $1,500 going all the way up to $1,800 depending on the view, but that nothing in the park was less than $1,500. Considering the dilapidation culture of the park and the extraordinarily high rent, I researched the park online and came upon space rent of $1,150 for homes offered by Joshua Lukasiewicz. It also brought me to your site. Not sure if the $1,150 rent information is still offered, but this site has saved me a huge headache. I was also told that utilities run about $200 including water, trash, sewer, gas, and electric. So surprised to hear about the mismanagement of billing. Thanks for the website and all your hard work in making this information available to the suspecting public!

2016 Oct – They raise the rent and force you to move out. They sell your home because they won’t approve anyone you want to sell to. They forced my 80 year old Mom out and sold her home.
Linda J.

2016 Sep – This is the worst place I have ever lived. Not only did they up my space rent $300 in one month, they tried to tell me that I didn’t own my home. I had paid it off in Sep 2014 and asked for my title every month at least once for the next year. Once the rent hike happened, my family of 6 with only one income could no longer stay above water. I had someone interested in buying my home since I could no longer afford it, and they told me that I didn’t have the right to sell it. Well I got a lawyer and it turns out, I did have the right and they didn’t have the right to try and evict me because I didn’t want to comply with their crap. In the end, I was paid back the full amount that I had paid in and my back rent. The stupid part is I had offered to sell it back to them for $15,000 less then what they lost in court. Sylvia was nice, but would tell you anything you wanted to hear, the truth or not! Do not buy a home here, they will run you out and steal your place right out from under you! I was lucky that I was able to get an attorney, I feel for all the ones that lost their homes because they couldn’t!

2016 Jul – During the 2015 calendar year, there were seventeen (17) Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits filed against home owners which affected a total of twenty-nine (29) residents (Evictions). There are 134 spaces in Hollydale Mobile Home Park – this mobile home park experienced a 12% eviction rate in the year 2015.
System Administrator

2016 Jan – Stay away from this place. They jack up rents until they force you out and steal your mobile home from you. Please do not even consider moving here, you will be sorry. Manager lied in court and can’t be trusted.
Hope S.

2015 Jun – Nothing to like, don’t even rate one star. They cheat people out of their homes and resell for a profit. Been through 4 managers in 4 years. All of them liars. The sub metered utilities are a joke. Managers change the numbers to suit themselves. One month the electricity is $750, the next few months it's not even a hundred. How does that happen? Look at how many of the homes are for sale by the park. All of them are homes that were taken by the park. Look at some of the homes that aren’t struggling at the jacked-up rents and crazy utilities, there are 2 and 3 families in there with screaming kids.
Lex V.

2013 Jun – Do not move there. I live here and these people are awful. They will raise your rent and charge you all these ridiculous charges until you can’t pay anymore and they can take the house back and leave you homeless. We loved living here until they got a new manager.

2012 Jun – It is dirty, unkempt, the bathrooms are disgusting, hair and dirt in the ice cold pool. In the heat, it makes you cry, there is so much bleach in it. The rent is the highest in California, higher than in Malibu. No services, but they (Sierra Corporate Management) overcharge on gas, water and electricity. They spy on tenants. They regularly get sued and lose in court. They regularly run people out of their homes. They undersell the tenants and give kickbacks on the homes they stole from people and now sell. If a tenant wants to sell, the rent is very high and the lease is bad, right now up to $1,500 a month. When they sell, they offer leases starting at $970, but in only 5 years the tenant pays them $1,600 as they write in rent hikes and the "home" they sell is in ruins, holes in roof and floors, no hot water, no appliances etc. When the people no longer can afford it, they run them out and resell. They had 3 lawsuits against them in the last 7 years, lost every one of them.

2009 Aug – Civil Lawsuit Filed by Residents – Complaint Summary: Nuisance, Breach of Contract, Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Prima Facie Tort of Willful Conduct, Negligence, Negligence Per Se, Unfair Business Practices, Declaratory and Injunctive Relief.
Kort & Scott Financial Group Lawsuits

  • 2009-08-26 – Civil Lawsuit Filed by Residents
  • Case Number: 30-2009-00125333
  • Plaintiffs 1-XX vs. Hollydale Uppertier/Operating LP
  • Status: Plaintiffs Won Civil Lawsuit (Researching)
  • Damages Awarded: (Researching)

2009 Jan – How can they even consider raising our space rent when most residents are already paying space rent well in excess of $1,000.00 per month and now, if their increase is anything like mine, they will be paying almost $200.00 per month more on April 1st. For an owner to increase space rent immediately after we came so dangerously close to losing our homes to the wildfires is unconscionable! It is especially egregious when the management breached their to duty to the homeowners by failing to maintain and/or remove trees, weeds and overgrowth in and around the park, and this breach, if not the direct cause, certainly exacerbated the risk of our park going up like a tinderbox. The rents in this park are already so high that it is virtually impossible to sell our homes. So if you can’t sell your home and you can’t afford to pay the increased rent, you certainly won’t have the money to move your mobile home to another park, so the end result will be the loss your home to the mobile home park.

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Bandera Estates
Operated By: Bandera Estates Partnership
326 E Ash St Brea CA 92821 714-990-1466 87 0 0 55 1,200 05/2019
Crestmont Mobile Estates
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Crestmont Lowertier Associates LP, Crestmont Uppertier Associates LP
1051 Site Dr Brea CA 92821 714-529-4131 289 0 0 AA 1,500 02/2021
Hollydale Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Hollydale Lowertier/Partner LP, Hollydale Uppertier/Operating LP
5700 Carbon Canyon Rd Brea CA 92823 714-528-7779 134 0 0 AA 1,650 02/2021
Lake Park Brea
Operated By: Edwin Evans
625 N Puente St Brea CA 92821 714-524-6960 342 0 0 55
Rancho Brea Mobile Home Estates
Operated By: Caritas Affordable Housing Inc
1414 W Central Ave Brea CA 92821 562-261-1432 100 0 0 AA 875 04/2019
Total Spaces: 952 0 0 1,306

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