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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 201 East Arrow Highway, Glendora, California 91740
  • County: Los Angeles
  • Phone: 626-963-2295
  • Spaces: 86
  • Type: 55+
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,150 to $1,400
  • Refinanced 1: Dec 2013, Amount: $158,000,000, 1/8 MHP Package
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae FRM, Chad Thomas Hagwood
  • Refinanced 2: Circa 2019-2021, Amount: $15,000,000
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae, Originator: Lument
  • Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  • DBA: Arrowhead Associates LLC, Brookmeadow Associates LP
  • DBA Filing: Feb 1994, Dec 1994

2018 Apr – After checking out the location and meeting a recent victim of completely being swindled as others have here, worst of all is to hear that once the eviction process is over, their personal property was thrown away, parents remains, a lifetime of memories gone due to some person that thinks they earned that right, as well as instead of sealing the eviction so that the victim wasn’t homeless for a long time, they also pushed the eviction onto their history. Nobody does that anymore, this could be considered cruel and unusual tactics. Let’s hope you stay clear of this place, and Karma finds it’s way for these land pigs.
David C.

2016 Jul – In January 2014, my sister Vanessa and her husband Larry, purchased a mobile home here in Arrowhead Mobile Home Park. They paid in full before moving in, $18,000 for the mobile home, and $599 for the title. They also had to pay rent on the property which was approximately $900 a month, plus utilities. The mobile home was in pretty bad condition and needed a lot of repairs before they could move in. Larry had to put flooring in the hallway and both bedrooms, he had to drywall much of the interior to put in walls, and had to do some basic rewiring. Then Trudy, the park manager, told them they had to paint the exterior, so they had to buy a few gallons of paint.

After paying the $599 for the title they were told they would receive it in the mail. They went to the manager of the mobile home park, Trudy Jacobs, to ask about the title and she acted surprised that they had not received it. The owners of this mobile home park (Kort & Scott Financial Group) also own other mobile home parks and have their own title company, so the manager gave them the number to call to request the title. When they called, they were told that it would go out in the mail and they’d receive it within a few days. When they still didn’t receive it, they called and again were told that it was in the mail. This went on for weeks. After a while, whenever they called, the girl just hung up on them.

They had become friends with a woman named Robin Monterastelli, who lived nearby. She told them about some of the neighbors who had been put out of their mobile homes by the park owners, and within a month the same thing was happening to them, and Robin. These people were trying to put them out of their mobile home that they had purchased, they had seen it happen to a few other people in the park and now it was happening to them. They tried to find out as much information on unlawful detainers and how one could be evicted from a mobile home that they owned.

But while some of the people that had lost their mobile homes just left without a fight, my sister and her husband had put every dime they had into that house and they were not about to just walk away from it. At some point they contacted the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) who eventually was helpful in getting them the title.

After they lost in court, they were kind of surprised when they received the judgment ($6,143) in the mail, because even though they lost on the unlawful detainer the judge had written that he believed it looked like fraud and that they should take it to a higher court because he only did unlawful detainers. So they had to move out of the mobile home they purchased, which just did not make any sense at all.

Before they were even done putting their stuff in storage, Trudy Jacobs (Sierra Corporate Management Park Manager) had the locks changed. Meanwhile, my sister and her husband filed papers against Trudy, as well as the owners of the park, and took them to court. This time Vanessa and Larry won in court, but the owners of the park appealed it and when Vanessa and Larry went back to court they noticed that the judge they had before was not there. Instead, there was a Commissioner that was requested by the park owner’s lawyers, and this time Vanessa and Larry did not win in court. In fact, the Commissioner did not listen to anything that Vanessa or Larry said. Even when the lawyers presented a “Title” they said they got from HCD which had “been signed” by Vanessa and Larry, giving them (the lawyers) power of attorney. My sister said it was so fake, the signatures were basically cut from something else and glued on. Not to mention the fact that: WHY, why would they do that?

During this time HCD told Vanessa and Larry that they had an ongoing case they were investigating on mobile home park fraud, but all of a sudden, they told my sister and her husband they couldn’t help them anymore – just like that. What they’re doing is stealing people’s mobile homes and then reselling them. There have been at least 2 mobile homes, that I know of, where the people were put out by unlawful detainer, aside from my sister and her husband, and Robin, but they just walked away. I think they do this quite often and nobody ever fights back. Even the HCD dropped the case against them because, they told Larry, they don’t have the money.

These people have so much money that they will tie them up in court for as long as it takes. They think they can do anything, they have a team of lawyers who go to court for them and they really think they are untouchable, that no one can fight them, and so far no one can. Vanessa and Larry hadn’t filed a change of address with the post office and had to go to their house to pick it up, they noticed that it had been about 6 or 7 days and they hadn’t gotten any mail. They were waiting for something important, so they went to the post office and found out that Trudy had told the postman to put a hold on their mail. Isn’t that a federal offense? Yet nothing happened, she didn’t get in any trouble – nothing!

The whole thing is a scam and it will keep happening until someone with some REAL power does something about it. They have since sold the mobile home that belonged to my sister and her husband. I’m not sure what they got but they were asking $28,000. Robin is living in a motel and had to find homes for her 3 dogs. My sister and her husband have lost so much in such a short time, they have absolutely no faith in anyone whatsoever, and the stress of all this as well as the depression has taken a toll on them, as well as my mother. I hope that this letter will be posted in the paper so that people will think before purchasing a mobile home. I really hope it will make a difference, but most of all, I hope these people pay for the things they have done and the lives they have ruined.
Vicki S.

2015 Dec – My name is Robin, I am a 51 year old disabled female. I have MS and other health related challenges. I am now homeless because of fraud taking place at Arrowhead Mobile Home Park located at 201 East Arrow Highway in Glendora, California 91740, 626-963-2295. I just lost my mobile home along with four others all in one year. Trudy Jacobs, the park manager for Sierra Corporate Management, stole everything in my home, she threw away my parent’s ashes. This lady is going to jail, these people bully everyone, I’m not afraid, I’m homeless because of their fraudulent activity. I can’t cry anymore, it’s justice time. Anyone who would like to add to this case, please call Detective Houser at the Glendora Police Department, 626-914-8250.

I’m not going to a shelter. I have been a resident of Glendora, California for 14 years and I’m staying. I should not be pushed out because the city does not have the correct assistance programs to deal with mobile home park issues. I hope the city condemns Arrowhead Mobile Home Park and Glenair Mobile Home Park (owned by Kort & Scott Financial Group and managed by Sierra Corporate Management). I’m not doing this just for me, there will be others, and the seniors at both parks are going to be homeless. All mobile home parks in Glendora are rent controlled, people in Arrowhead Mobile Home Park have had 30% increases monthly.

Why, why, why, am I homeless? It’s due to the failure of the people who should be clearly on our side helping, and they are not. The park manager has no license to sell homes. Mobile homes are being sold with health and safety issues such as black mold (see image gallery below).

This involves hurting my family and having my parent’s ashes thrown in a dumpster by park management, my mobile home and everything in it, lost to fraud and now sold. Thirty of my friends paid cash in full for their mobile homes to the park manager. I need help, and I will not stop until I get justice. Arrowhead Mobile Home Park in Glendora, California is a fraud. Owners Kort & Scott Financial Group, look at them, they steal homes along with their law firm Hart King in Santa Ana, California. Please forward for help. I also have MS, my body is shutting down, I need a home, please, please God, I’m 51, disabled, can’t see my children, and I no longer have a home. Trudy Jacobs stole my mobile home and the mobile homes of many others. I’m going crazy on these streets, I’m sick with my health. The mobile home park manager stole everything in my house. Detective Houser at the Glendora Police Department has the case. Please call him at 626-914-8250 if you have any information that will help the residents, past and present, in Arrowhead Mobile Home Park.

The park manager lost my rent, it was the only way she could get me out, she even held the rent, paid at 11:53 PM on Thursday, November 5, 2015 with two witnesses. Trudy Jacobs, the park manager, held my rent for a late fee of $60.00, that was on Monday, November 9, 2015. On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, she served me with a 60-day termination of tenancy notice. No prior three-day written notice. She lied on the 60-day notice stating that prior three-day written notices were sent, which is completely false, I have the proof, so does Drita Bronkey. I had that rent replaced in six days, and every day I sent a followup message to Trudy Jacobs, Drita Bronkey, and cc’d myself. I even left messages at Sierra Corporate Management. I’m not lying! My gut instinct tells me someone should investigate. I want help, and I want it now. I’m homeless and disabled. I’m getting sicker on these streets. Trudy Jacobs will have a nice Xmas – stealing my entire mobile home. She can’t lie, I have pictures and witnesses.

I will push this Vons shopping cart with proudness, and with hopes of justice being served, and for ending homelessness in the City of Glendora, California.

Can you believe that they threw my parents ashes in the trash? Lord, I need someone to hear me, please God, please make somebody read, hear and feel this letter. I can’t take much more, I have never lived like this before, I have not eaten a real meal. I can’t go to my doctor, I have no car, the park manager took that too. I had to return the car to the dealer because the park manager was guessing at utility meter reading and I received a high electric bill and could not afford the space rent which is supposed to be a rent controlled park. I had to take the car back so I could pay the space rent. The law firm Hart King, and the park manager Trudy Jacobs, took my home by fraud and stole everything in my home. They did a wrongful retaliation eviction and I have all the proof – I’m homeless.

Please pass this on to anyone to put these people in jail along with HCD who know that Trudy Jacobs, the park manager, is selling mobile homes with no license. I have no home, no clothes, no shoes, nothing, it was stolen. I have a lot of information to forward to the California State Attorney General. Sierra Corporate Management are selling mobile homes with no titles. HCD is aware of this, I have complained to the HCD many times and they haven’t helped me. Had the HCD done their job, I would not have lost my mobile home which was stolen by Trudy Jacobs, the park manager at Arrowhead Mobile Home Park. The law offices of Hart King are covering for the mobile home park owners also, acting as if they are the lenders and then doing a wrongful foreclosure on your mobile home for so called "unpaid space rent" which is an absolute lie! Sierra Corporate Management do false evictions and retaliation evictions. The manager lied saying I had three-day written notices. I have proof of everything. Civil Court Case Number: 15P00876
Robin Monterastelli

2015 Oct – Beware of this mobile home park. They take your home and all your money. This park is all fraud. The park manager is white trash and scum. Beware of this park.
Vanessa C.

2014 Jun – If you can live anywhere else, do it. The owner rides through in a limo every so often and bitches about everything. Gives the manager a hit list and goes to the next property. The manager lies about anything that might make her look bad. There’s a heated pool but the Glenair people can’t use it. There’s a big meeting room and the Glenair people can’t use it. The home I rented had roaches and they do nothing about them. Same owner and manager as Glenair around the corner on Glendora Avenue.
Another C.

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Alosta Mobile Home Park
Operated By: In Han
826 E Rt 66 Glendora CA 91740 40 0 0 AA
Arrowhead Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Arrowhead Associates LLC, Brookmeadow Associates LP
210 E Arrow Hwy Glendora CA 91740 626-963-2295 86 0 0 AA 1,500 02/2021
Bonita Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Bonita Mobile Estates
925 W Bonita Glendora CA 91740 80 0 0 AA
Glenair Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Glenair Mobile Home Park LLC, Stephanie Scott Family Partnership LP
1700 S Glendora Ave Glendora CA 91740 626-963-1015 50 0 0 AA 1,250 02/2021
Hacienda Mobile Home Park
Operated By: John Snyder
208 S Barranca Glendora CA 91741 62 0 0 55
Joys Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Joys MHP LLC
337 W Rt 66 Glendora CA 91740 68 0 0 55
Magnolia Mobile Home Park
Operated By: West Alosta Properties, Steve Patti
422 W Rt 66 Glendora CA 91740 47 0 0 AA
New Bell Acres Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Francis Tang
451 S Sellers St Glendora CA 91741 52 0 0 AA
Park Manor Mobile Estates
Operated By: JDH Capital LLC
423 W Rt 66 Glendora CA 91740 52 0 0 AA
Rancho Glendora Mobile Villas
Operated By: J&H Asset Property Management
1630 S Barranca Glendora CA 91740 178 0 0 AA
Tropics Mobile Park
Operated By: Peter Brownstein
428 E Alosta Ave Glendora CA 91740 0 29 0 AA
Western Skies Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Hatch Family Trust
732 E Alosta Ave Glendora CA 91740 29 0 0 AA
Total Spaces: 744 29 0

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