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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 3499 East Bayshore Road, Redwood City, California 94063
  • County: San Mateo
  • Phone: 650-368-1587
  • Spaces: 137
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,200 to $1,450
  • Management: Apex Residential Management
  • DBA: Redwood City Associates, Trailer Rancho Associates LP
  • DBA Filing: Jul 1992, Dec 1993

Redwood City: Mobile Home Community Reeling from Notice of Closure

2020 Feb – Still in a state of shock after suddenly receiving a notice that their mobile home park near Redwood City may be sold to make way for apartments, dozens of low-income families are growing increasingly anxious about having to pull up stakes and move out.

Many of those who live in Bayshore Villa’s 137 lots are Spanish-speaking cleaners and gardeners, office workers and long-time Redwood City seniors who consider the park an affordable oasis amid a sea of million-dollar homes.

Apex Residential Management, the Villa’s management group, recently told residents it’s moving forward with conversations started four months ago to sell the mobile home park to a developer who plans to build an apartment complex there.
The Mercury News

2018 Jan – Kort & Scott Financial Group owns multiple mobile home parks throughout the United States. I am complaining about Sierra Corporate Management. This corporation owns over 36 parks within California. This corporation's sole purpose is to take advantage of their residents (especially Seniors) through fear, fraud, and intimidation. They harass and mislead tenants into signing 25-year leases under the guise that they will save money because they will only raise the rent up to 5%. But that is an oxymoron, because California law only allows for a yearly 3% increase for mobile home owners. This practice allows them to remove all the constitutional protections that tenants rely upon. If that’s not enough (monies), they overbill tenants for their rent utilities and fail to maintain their own property. For example; garbage fees. If you look up your local garbage fees they do not charge what is reflected on the owners billing statement. The fraud is so blatantly in your face. But, the chicken always come home to roost. Sierra Corporate Management has numerous lawsuits pending against them because of their illegal practices regarding mobile home owners. If you live in one of their parks complain to your local government just as we have in Redwood City, California
Sheryl P.

2016 Nov – Class Action Lawsuit: On Tue, Nov 15, 2016, the Court certified a class as follows: The Court certifies the first cause of action for violations of Civil Code §798.17(d), 798.19 and 798.56 on behalf of all persons who have paid rent for a mobile home space at Bayshore Villa Mobile Home Park since May 29, 2011, and who have entered into a long-term lease with Defendants, except those whose long-term lease provides the same amounts for beginning monthly rent and the rent actually charged for the beginning period of the lease.

2015 – Amaranda used all of her savings to purchase a mobile home and signed a 25-year site lease, written in English legalese, with Bayshore Villa Mobile Home Park. Speaking to Amaranda in Spanish, her native language, the park manager had told her that the rent would only go up by 5% each year. The park owner had been using incomprehensible leases and suddenly raising rents throughout the park.

Amaranda, a single mother of two boys, worked cleaning houses to give her kids safe and stable housing and better opportunities. She used all of her savings to purchase a mobile home and signed a 25-year site lease, written in English legalese, with Bayshore Villa Mobile Home Park. Speaking to Amaranda in Spanish, her native language, the park manager had told her that the rent would only go up by 5% each year.

Initially, the park charged the appropriate amount but, after a few years, it began to raise the rent astronomically. Amaranda’s space rent went up 79% in 5 years and became unaffordable. She could not afford to move her mobile home or move to an apartment in San Mateo and the surrounding counties. Moving far away would mean a different school for her youngest, interrupted medical care for her oldest, and losing her business clients. She would also lose the investment in her mobile home.

Amaranda was not alone. The park owner had been using incomprehensible leases and suddenly raising rents throughout the park. Amaranda and other Bayshore families decided to stand up to this injustice with the help of Western Center and our co-counsel, the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County and Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy. She filed a class action lawsuit, alleging that the park owner, one the nation’s largest management companies, had violated state and local law, had breached its lease with residents, and had engaged in unfair business practices.

A San Mateo Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction in Cruz v. Sierra Corporate Management, prohibiting the park owner from: increasing rents, evicting residents based on nonpayment of those contested amounts of rent, threatening unnamed plaintiffs with the risk of paying attorneys’ fees for being class members, and from trying to offer residents new leases that purport to waive any rights under the lawsuit.
Western Center on Law & Poverty

2015 Nov – This is not a place you want to live. Rent is way too high, and they are known for illegal activity like raising rent when there is a rent freeze in effect. They do shady stuff like charge residents when non residents illegally dump, and tell you to call the cops on children walking to the playground. They seem to think each space is worth $400k and the park is worth 57 million even though it is only appraised at 4 million. The owner is a greedy man who is only out for himself.

2014 May – On Thu, May 29, 2014, residents from Bayshore Villa Mobile Home Park filed a Civil Lawsuit (Case No: CIV528792) against the Kort & Scott companies that own their park including Sierra Corporate Management.

  • 2014-05-29 – Civil Lawsuit Filed by Residents
  • Case Number: CIV528792
  • Plaintiffs 1-XX vs. Sierra Corporate Management Inc, Trailer Rancho Associates LP
  • Complaint:

    1. For families with lower incomes, mobilehomes provide a rare opportunity for affordable and stable homeownership. For cities and counties, mobilehome parks provide an important source of affordable housing in the community. Bayshore Villa Mobile Home Park ("Bayshore") is one of these parks. Located in unincorporated Redwood City, in the County of San Mateo, it is home for 136 households who rent the spaces on which their mobilehomes lie. However, the park tenants are now faced with illegal rent charges that are costing them thousands of dollars they can scarcely afford, and likely, their homes.

    2. The Mobilehome Residency Law ("MRL") regulates the relationship between mobilehome park owners and homeowners who are tenants in the park. Civil Code §798, et seq. Among the various provisions are requirements for written rental agreements with specified provisions and prohibitions on evictions without specific limited causes. Id. at §798.15, §798.17, §798.55. Certain long-term leases are exempt from a local mobile home rent control ordinance if they meet the requirements of the MRL. Id.

    3. The County of San Mateo, reacting to soaring rents at Bayshore and the County's one other mobilehome park, enacted a Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance in 2003 ("Ordinance").

    4. To circumvent the Ordinance, mobilehome park owners and operators, such as Defendants, have induced plaintiff mobilehome owners, through the promise of lower rents, to sign long-term leases that Defendants claim to be exempt from rent control. However, the leases contain terms that do not comply with the MRL's requirements for exempt leases.

    5. In reality, after two to three years, Defendants massively inflate the rents based on a conflicting amount stated in the lease. The resulting rent leaves plaintiffs paying hundreds of dollars more per month, and thousands more per year. For many of these families, the new space rents are completely unaffordable, putting them at serious risk of losing their homes and their investments in those homes.

    6. The long-term leases and rent increases offered by Defendants violate the MRL and San Mateo County's Rent Control Ordinance; are impermissibly vague, and are unlawful business practices that should be enjoined under Business and Professions Code §17200, et seq.

2010 Jul – Don't trouble yourself to live in Bayshore Villa in Redwood City, California. Massive health and building code violations, out of control rent increases, lying and intimidation are all the order of the day. A case of the Bubonic Plague would be infinitely preferable to dealing with these uncouth louts. I have recently prevailed in court standing alone against them. If you are in suffering with their tyranny in any park in California, ask me how. It is my understanding they control about 200 parks nationwide. Good luck everyone.
Chris W.

2009 Jun – Residents of a Redwood City mobile home park where a small fire broke out early Monday morning speculated that it might be related to residents' frustration with the park's ownership. Several residents of the park said they believe someone may have set the fire out of anger because of several ongoing disputes between the park's ownership and residents.
The Mercury News

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Bayshore Villa MFTG Housing Community
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Redwood City Associates, Trailer Rancho Associates LP
3499 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City CA 94063 415-366-0608 137 0 0 AA 1,450 02/2022
Harbor Village Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Al Engel, Evans Management Company
3015 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City CA 94063 650-366-2471 284 0 0 AA
Le Mar Trailer Park
Operated By: Stephen Liang
1933 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City CA 94063 650-364-3262 43 0 3 AA
RC Motel & Trailer Park
Operated By: Hai-Ni Chen
1903 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City CA 94063 650-364-3262 49 0 0 AA
Redwood Mobile Estates
Operated By: Redwood Mobile Estates Inc, Tom Debenedetti
2053 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City CA 94063 650-365-3133 100 0 0 AA
Redwood Trailer Village
Operated By: Wallace Ryburn, Barbara Ryburn
855 Barron Ave Redwood City CA 94063 650-369-1640 50 0 0 AA
Sequoia Trailer Park
Operated By: Edith Hockensmith
730 Barron Ave Redwood City CA 94063 415-366-0608 134 0 0 AA
Total Spaces: 797 0 3

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