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Mobile Home Parks Owned by KSFG Companies

  • Address: 12401 Filmore Street, Sylmar, California 91342
  • County: Los Angeles
  • Phone: 818-896-7100
  • Spaces: 186 – 30 Spaces RSO, 156 Spaces Non-RSO
  • Type: All Ages
  • 2022 Space Rent: $1,500 to $1,700
  • Purchased: Dec 2005, Amount: $16,000,000
  • Refinanced 1: Jun 2016, Amount: $23,500,000
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae SARM, Chad Thomas Hagwood
  • Refinanced 2: Circa 2019-2021, Amount: $30,300,000
    Loan Type: Fannie Mae, Originator: Lument
  • Management: Bessire and Casenhiser
  • DBA: Blue Star GP LLC, Blue Star MHP Associates LP
  • DBA Filing: Nov 2005

2018 Apr – Price of the rent is too high. I moved in 4 years ago and I was told they had security and it was a gated community but it’s not true. The pool is so dirty, and there’s dog poop on every street! The manager Dorothy takes too long to do things and she never knows anything. Her answer to every question is to call the regional manager Liana. The regional manager is worse, she has a bad attitude. I really had a bad experience with Liana.
Julian R.

2016 Oct – Like the New Manager Dorothy. Absolutely sweet while maintaining the rules of Blue Star MHP. But, it is not like it used to be when we first moved in. Gate hasn’t worked in over 10 years, garbage area is indescribable, parties in driveways, dirty streets and still rent continues to go up, up and away. Also, they might as well call it El Pueblo Mobile Home Park considering who they’re selling to. So will be selling next year.
Yazmin L.

2014 Jan – I have a mobile home in Blue Star Mobile Home Park. I've been here for 1 year and 3 months and they have raised my rent twice now. Last March it was raised $40.00 per month. This March they are raising it another $65.00 a month plus trash and sewer charges are being added. Like most people say, Sierra Corporate Management only care about the money, not the people living here. I got behind on my rent and I found a buyer for my place but now the park management won't give me the application papers for the new buyer until they get approval from Sierra Corporate Management. It's been 4 days and I can't get a response from park management or Sierra Corporate Management. I have left 2 emails for park management and 3 emails and 1 text message for Sierra Corporate Management and can't get a response or returned email, call, text from anyone of them. I am so fed-up with this bull****, I can't get out of here fast enough.

2008 Feb – My aging parents live in a Kort & Scott owned park in Sylmar, CA. They and the other seniors are being driven out by their huge increases in rent. The security has even been eliminated. This company must be stopped, the area is literally between Pacoima and Lake View Terrace. These people are ruthless and this is their objective. They literally should be tied up and tortured. Don't buy any property associated with these people.

2008 Jan – Meanwhile, another backer of the rent control measure is Sierra Corporate Management, which gave $35,000 to the campaign. It operates Blue Star Mobile Home Park, where the ballot measure is being watched with special interest. Passage of the measure would dash the hope of tenants there who want the city of Los Angeles to annex the part of the mobile home park that is outside the city boundary, extending rent control to all residents.

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# Name Address City ST Zip Phone Spaces RV1 RV2 Type Rent Date
Blue Star Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Bessire and Casenhiser Inc, Blue Star GP LLC, Blue Star MHP Associates LP
12401 Filmore St Sylmar CA 91342 818-896-7100 186 0 0 AA 1,700 02/2022
Cascade Mobile Villa
Operated By: Gloria Pitt (Life Estate)
14748 San Fernando Rd Sylmar CA 91342 818-364-9273 5 0 0 AA
Los Olivos
Operated By: Paula Dunn
15831 Olden St Sylmar CA 91342 808-991-0311 81 0 0 AA 975 05/2019
Metrolink Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Milana IX LLC
12245 San Fernando Rd Sylmar CA 91342 818-336-6555 38 0 0 AA
Oakridge Manufactured Home Community
Operated By: Oakridge Ltd
15455 Glenoaks Blvd Sylmar CA 91342 818-367-1128 600 0 0 AA 925 05/2019
Park Estates Mobile Home Park
Operated By: Black Bear LLC
12301 San Fernando Rd Sylmar CA 91342 818-367-2967 89 43 0 AA 750 05/2019
Rancho Hermoso
Operated By: Hermosa Investments LP, Jeffrey A. Kaplan
16079 Yarnell St Sylmar CA 91342 818-833-7788 93 0 0 AA 795 05/2019
Santiago Estates
Operated By: MHC Santiago Estates LP
13691 Gavina Ave Sylmar CA 91342 818-364-2776 303 0 0 AA 1,550 05/2019
Sylmar Manor
Operated By: Sylmar Manor LLC
13120 Bradley Ave Sylmar CA 91342 818-367-2304 66 0 0 55 750 05/2019
Tahitian Mobile Home Park
Operated By: KSFG, Sierra Corporate Management, Tahitian MHP Associates LP, Tahitian Partners LLC, Tahitian Uppertier Associates LLC
15445 Cobalt St Sylmar CA 91342 818-367-7100 236 0 0 AA 850 02/2022
Total Spaces: 1,697 43 0 1,037

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