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Mice, Rats, Possums, Raccoons… What’s Next? Don’t wait to find out!

A few years ago there were possums living under our house, and the neighbor's house too. They caused hundreds of dollars in damage tearing up the insulation and wires. If they die under the house, they smell.

Well, it costs some time and money to live in a mobile home! But a little effort and some one-time preparations will go a long way. And no one wants to live with mice, rats, possums, termites and/or ants. All houses have problems with rodents and pests, not just mobile homes.

But, a mobile home is raised off the ground and small critters may find the area under that home a safe place to nest and multiply. If these areas are easy to for them to get into, it's a welcome matt for critters!

Rats, mice, termites and raccoons can do a lot of damage if they are allowed to live under your mobile home. They will multiply and try to get inside. You have to be proactive and fight back and then keep them away. Besides the odor and filth they leave, some animals may carry harmful diseases that present a serious threat to your health and safety and those around you.

  • Spend a few minutes twice a week to check the outside of your house.
  • Get a professional to inspect under the house.
  • If there is damage, get it repaired.
  • Have the animals removed.
  • Put screens up wherever there are holes that could allow animals in.
  • Keep a few traps out all year long.
  • Now things should be easier (and less expensive), just don't forget to keep checking every week.

Make it an extra chore to walk around the outside of the house every few days and do some quick inspection. Look for places where animals can crawl under the home. If the dirt is dug out under the skirting, it could be an animal doorway. If the hole is at ground level, try piling dirt back to cover the opening. Check back in a few days. If the dirt is dug away, then you may have an animal under the house.

If you have a handyman do repairs to the damage, get him to put up screens while he is there – or else the critters will come back! This is an easy do-it-yourself job too. Any person that will crawl under the house can give you a report on what they see. Be sure to ask them to check the entire underside for infestation and damage.

Set traps and think about setting out poison. If you have children and pets around, skip the poison. Try setting traps. Just make sure your pets won't get caught in them. A large possum may get its arm caught in the trap and carry it away. Most traps have places where you can tie chain or wire to it and attach it to a post or heavy object, this way the animal will not go off with your trap.

It's a good idea to have three (3) traps; one under the house and one or two outside. You can check to see if anything is caught when you do your regular walk around the outside.

At this point you should have the critters removed, your screens installed and your traps up. Walk around the house again and look for places where the dirt is dug or boards chewed. If you can't put in screen, try blocking the holes with bricks or other solid objects. Do what it takes to seal up your house. You will have peace of mind knowing that your house isn't being damaged and you are safe and clean. It's your house – take care of it.