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California Department of Housing and Community Development, Article 2, General Park Requirements, Section 1120

  1. Occupants shall keep the lot area and the area under, around, or on their unit and accessory buildings or structures free from an accumulation of refuse, rubbish, paper, leaves, brush or other combustible material.
  2. Waste paper, hay, grass, straw, weeds, litter, or combustible flammable waste, refuse, or rubbish of any kind shall not be permitted, by the park owner or operator, to remain upon any roof or on any vacant lot, open space, or common area.
  3. The park area shall be kept clean and free from the accumulation of refuse, garbage, rubbish, excessive dust, or debris.
  4. The park operator shall ensure that a collection system is provided and maintained, with covered containers, for the safe disposal of rubbish.