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Did you lose your mobile home in an Unlawful Detainer Eviction Lawsuit filed by Kort & Scott Financial Group (KSFG) dba Sierra Corporate Management (SCM)?

If you feel that your mobile home was taken from you unfairly and you have documentation to support your claims, you may be able to recover up to $75,000 of your losses through the MHRF.

We are informed that many of you who have lost your mobile homes through a KSFG/SCM eviction process may be able to file a claim for your losses. You will need complete documentation of the circumstances that led to your eviction and what happened thereafter.

The purpose of the Manufactured Home Recovery Fund (MHRF) is to reimburse actual and direct losses up to $75,000 for any person who has sold or purchased a manufactured home/mobilehome for personal or family residential use or investment purposes, and who has suffered a loss due to:

  1. Failure to honor warranties or guarantees;
  2. Fraud or willful misrepresentation related to any financial provision;
  3. Fraud or willful misrepresentation of the kind or quality of the product sold or purchased;
  4. For conversion (the unlawful appropriation of the property of another);
  5. A willful violation of any other provision of the Health and Safety Code, Part 2 – Mobilehomes-Manufactured Housing Act of 1980, including the provisions regulating escrow accounts;
  6. A violation of the Civil Code, Title 1.7, Chapter 3, beginning with section 1797 – Mobilehome Warranties (for new manufactured homes).
  1. MHRF Defined
  2. MHRF Fact Sheet
  3. MHRF Claim Form Instructions
  4. MHRF Claim Form
  5. MHRF FAQ Brochure (English)
  6. MHRF FAQ Brochure (Spanish)
  7. MHRF FAQ Brochure (Vietnamese)
  8. How to Collect on Your Judgment (Small Claims Court)

California Department of Housing and Community Development
Division of Codes and Standards
Manufactured Home Recovery Fund
PO Box 31
Sacramento, California 95812-0031
1-916-323-9803 or Toll Free at 1-800-952-5275