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House Resolution No. 15

By Assemblymen Moretti, Murphy, Mobley, Quimby, Burke, and Ray E. Johnson

Relative to preparation of report on mobilehomes

WHEREAS, There are one million mobilehome residents in the State of California today and that number will increase by 300 percent by 1982; and

WHEREAS, The mobilehome industry has a definite impact on the California economy, with 1,600 mobilehome dealers and 85 mobilehome manufacturers operating within the state; and

WHEREAS, The mobilehome production in the state has increased 100 percent in five years; and

WHEREAS, In 1972, 40,000 California families bought mobilehomes, and approximately 8,000 of them later had to seek a remedy for their consumer grievances; and

WHEREAS, Any problem related to the intrarelationships within the mobilehome industry and its interrelationships with the community will ultimately bear upon the lives of a large segment of the California population; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the staff of the Assembly Office of Research, with technical assistance, prepare a report and subsequent legislation, if needed, on mobilehomes, including such subjects as: mobilehome construction standards in areas not presently covered; more effective factory inspections and provisions for onsite inspections; the placement and zoning of mobilehomes within and without mobilehome parks; effective warranty issuance and enforcement; mobilehome taxation methods; financing and insurance regulations on mobilehomes; mobilehome franchise regulations; and licensing requirements and standards for manufacturers, dealers, transporters and contractors; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit a copy of this resolution to the Assembly Office of Research.

Note: The content on this page was extracted from the PDF document titled “A Million Californians Can’t Be Wronged” pages 62-63 of 76.

1974 - A Million Californians Can't Be Wronged - Page 01

A Million Californians Can’t Be Wronged
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House Resolution No. 15
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