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We have received several homeowner complaints from multiple Kort & Scott Financial Group (KSFG) owned mobile home parks regarding 3/60 notifications being served for rent payments that were inserted into a Sierra Corporate Management Rent Dropbox and claimed as being late or not received at all.

There have also been recent dropbox thefts (Oct 2016, Nov 2016) that have been reported by residents at multiple Kort & Scott mobile home parks.

Mobile Home Owner Warning: Using the SCM Rent Dropbox can be hazardous to your financial health.

The Public Counsel Law Center, Homelessness Prevention Law Project in Los Angeles, California advises residents take the below steps when paying rent.

  • Never pay with cash or personal check.
  • Always buy a money order or cashier’s check with the date of purchase clearly stamped on it.
  • We suggest buying Western Union or Continental Express money orders because they make it easier to obtain reimbursement and obtain proof that the money orders have been cashed. Post Office money orders can take up to 6 months to track.
  • Never mail your rent via regular mail.
  • Make sure you mail it with proof of mailing such as Certified Mail, Signature Confirmation or USPS Tracking.
  • Only mail the rent if you have something in writing stating that you are to send it by mail.
  • If you mail the rent and it is lost, you are responsible for the lost money unless the landlord required you to mail it. However, you must have proof that you mailed it (your testimony is not sufficient).
  • If you pay directly to someone, take a witness with you (preferably not a family member).
  • Avoid using a drop-box if you have the option of giving your rent directly to a person.
  • Ask for a receipt or a signed paper to show proof of payment.
Mail Slot with Envelope
  • Ask for a receipt or a signed paper to show proof of payment when they pick it up.

Rent is due on the first of the month – unless your contract states a different date. The law does not recognize a grace period unless your contract states that you have one.

Public Counsel Law Center
Homelessness Prevention Law Project
610 South Ardmore Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90005 USA

How to Pay Your Rent Like an Expert