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Based in Southern California, Kort & Scott Financial Group, LLC is an owner and operator of manufactured housing communities. Since 1989, the company has acquired over 9,500 mobile home spaces and has developed a reputation for creating exceptional value in its projects.

America’s most aggressive NON-REIT buyer of manufactured home communities, the company is known for its innate ability to close transactions quickly and smoothly.

Platinum Acquisitions owns almost 10,000 mobile home spaces and apartment units spread throughout the West Coast, valued at well over $1 billion. We very rarely sell any of our assets and are always in a position to buy, regardless of if we are in an exchange or not.

The company specializes in the acquisition and management of multi-family properties, specifically mobile home parks, which offer affordable housing alternatives in desirable markets. We are arguably the most aggressive buyers in the industry and will pay aggressively for desirable assets. We have the financial strength and flexibility to make virtually any sensical deal work. (Kort & Scott Company Founded 2016)

  1. Acquisition Criteria: Purchase mobile home parks in U.S. metropolitan areas with a population of at least 200,000 people, preferably within a one hour drive from a major airport. Avoid purchasing mobile home parks in cities where Mobile Home Park Space Rent Stabilization Ordinances (RSOs) are in force.

    Note: As of 2015 KSFG no longer avoid cities with Rent Stabilization Ordinances (RSOs) as evidenced by recent mobile home park purchases in both the City of Carson (Jul 2015) and the City of Santa Clarita (Oct 2015).

    KSFG have owned and SCM have managed the Granada Villa Mobile Home Park in Santa Clarita since approximately 2002, the demographic is predominately Hispanic. The mobile home park has 179 spaces – only 11 spaces remain under rent control.

    • Carson Gardens Trailer Lodge (97 Spaces, All Ages)
      437 West Carson Street, Carson, California 90745, 310-328-0600
      Purchased: Jul 2015
      DBAs: Carson GP LLC, Carson MHP Associates LP
      Park Management: Sierra Corporate Management
    • Laco Mobile Home Park (94 Spaces, All Ages)
      22325 South Main Street, Carson, California 90745, 310-835-7313
      Purchased: Jul 2015
      DBAs: Carson GP LLC, Carson MHP Associates LP
      Park Management: Sierra Corporate Management
    • Sierra Mobile Home Park (74 Spaces, 55+)
      18204 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California 91387, 661-252-3028
      Purchased: Oct 2015
      DBAs: Sierra GP LLC, Sierra MHP Associates LP
      Park Management: Sierra Corporate Management
  2. First order of business based on historical business practices, increase existing mobile home space rents for new buyers to above FMRs (Fair Market Rents) in your area. For example, if your current space rent is $650 per month, and KSFG just purchased your mobile home park, you may see your space rent for new buyers increase to $950 per month.

    Based on historical data, within the first 12 months after KSFG purchase, existing mobile home owners who are on month-to-month Rental Agreements may receive a ninety (90) day notification of an upcoming significant space rent increase (Cal. Civ. Code § 798.30).

    Space Rent Comparisons – KSFG Mobile Home Parks in California

    See Corona La Linda Mobile Home Park which was purchased by KSFG in July 2015 and is now managed by Sierra Corporate Management (SCM).

    Space Rent for new buyers purchasing resident owned mobile homes is now $950 per month – it was $650 per month in June 2015. Space Rents for existing mobile home owners will increase to $780+ per month since all residents are on month-to-month rental agreements. As a mobile home owner in a Sierra Corporate Management managed mobile home park, this is a dire situation to be in.

    This excessive space rent increase immediately lowers the value of existing mobile homes considerably. Immediately after this type of space rent increase, resident owned mobile homes are very difficult to sell, almost impossible, even when deeply discounted below market value.

    Industry Rule of Thumb: For every $10 per month space rent increase you lose approximately $1,000 in mobile home equity.

    How Space Rent Increases Affect Mobile Home Seller

  3. Convince mobile home owners to sign long-term leases (e.g. 15 years at 8.0%, 20 years at 7.0%, 25 years at 6.0%) which waive your rights to any current or future rent control ordinances that may be in force or implemented by your city (Cal. Civ. Code § 798.17).

    There may also be legalese that locks you into a minimum 6.0% increase in space rent each year based on the 25 year long-term lease agreement. See the sidebar for more information about Sierra Corporate Management long-term leases and what you end up paying.

    Wed, Dec 2, 2015 – It has been verbally confirmed (video recorded) during a Carson City Council meeting, by Mr. Abraham Arrigotti and counsel, that Sierra Corporate Management will offer residents, and/or potential buyers, cash and/or other incentives to sign long-term lease agreements which waive your rights to existing and/or future rent control protections.

    Long-Term Lease Incentives from KSFG/SCM

  4. Convert Senior Mobile Home Parks (55+) to Family Parks (All Ages), examples below. Increase monthly space rents and decrease amenities accordingly.

  5. Convert previously included utilities to metered utilities (pass-through). Space rents may no longer include utilities such as water, sewer and trash which are additional operating expenses for mobile home park owners. These utility costs may now appear as separately billed line items on your Rent Statement in addition to your Base Space Rent (Cal. Civ. Code § 798.41).
  6. Increase water, sewer and garbage utilities each year.

    Tustin Village Mobile Home Park – Example of Utility Increases
    Increase of 137% for Trash and 296% for Sewer over eight (8) years.

  7. Overbilling of utilities and improper meter estimations. Meters may only be read 4 times per year, with the other months being “estimates”. These estimates may be so high as to force some people to not be able to pay the rent, the mortgage and the estimated utilities. There have been reported instances of this practice leading to evictions and confiscation of mobile homes by mobile home park owners.

    Utilities Overbilling in KSFG/SCM Mobile Home Parks

  8. Reduce park maintenance to a minimum. Only address emergency situations and/or egregious situations reported by resident(s).

    FTM Lawsuits Against Kort & Scott Companies

  9. Reduce park management and maintenance staffing to a minimum. Park managers may be responsible for more than one mobile home park. For example, the park manager for Tustin Village Mobile Home Park may also be responsible for managing the Continental Manufactured Home Community in Santa Ana.
  10. Reduce and/or remove clubhouse access and/or privileges. For example, in 2015 the Tustin Village Mobile Home Park Library was closed and moved to Fountain Valley Estates. You may also find that your clubhouse is locked down most of the time with requested access available during normal park management business hours. This makes it very difficult to use the clubhouse for organizing residents (Cal. Civ. Code § 798.51).
  11. Lack of enforcement, selective enforcement, and/or total disregard of park rules and regulations by Sierra Corporate Management e.g. installing used mobile homes when the rules and regulations strictly forbid the installation of used mobile homes.

    KSFG Park Owned/Affiliate Owned Mobile Homes

  12. Purchase resident owned mobile homes, who could not sell, at a fraction of their value. Resell at, or just below market value price with space rent specials. For example, in 2014 a home in Tustin Village Mobile Home Park was listed by the owner for $30,000. That home eventually sold to the park for $3,000. Another home in the same park listed at $24,000 and ended up selling to the park for $1,200.
  13. Offer park owned and/or affiliate owned homes space rent specials at 20-40% less than resident owned homes. For example, in 2014 the space rent for new buyers purchasing resident owned mobile homes in Tustin Village Mobile Home Park was $1,600 per month. Space rent for new buyers purchasing park owned and/or affiliate owned mobile homes was $1,150 per month for the first year, $1,250 per month for the second year and $1,600 per month for the third year.
  14. Interference by park management with sales of resident owned homes e.g...

    • Park entrance banners and signs.
    • Redirection of potential buyers to park owned homes by sales and/or management.
    • Refusing to allow a prospective buyer to buy the home, with restrictions or delays.
    • Requiring work be done on the home in order to sell it.
    • Stalled sale when there are willing buyers.
    • There may be "other" conditions, requirements, delays, qualifications, and/or injunctions that may inhibit or stall the sale of a resident owned mobile home to a prospective buyer.

    KSFG Interference with Mobile Home Sales

Screenshot of Kort & Scott Financial Group Website Home Page Screenshot of Platinum Acquisitions LLC Website Home Page

SCM long-term lease agreements are usually 15 years at 8.0%, 20 years at 7.0% or 25 years at 6.0%.

If you sign a 25 year long-term lease with a 6.0% minimum rent increase compounded yearly, based on a starting space rent of $1,300 per month, at the end of 25 years, you will be paying $5,580 per month for your mobile home space rent.

Once you sign that type of long-term lease agreement, here is what you can expect to happen over the next 25 years based on a $1,300 per month starting space rent.

Year 13: Your mobile home space rent will DOUBLE in thirteen (13) years, based on a minimum 6.0% annual space rent increase, from the date you sign that long-term lease with Sierra Corporate Management.

2x $1,300 = $2,600

Year 20: Your mobile home space rent will TRIPLE in twenty (20) years, based on a minimum 6.0% annual space rent increase, from the date you sign that long-term lease with Sierra Corporate Management.

3x $1,300 = $3,900

Year 25: Your mobile home space rent will QUADRUPLE in twenty-five (25) years, based on a minimum 6.0% annual space rent increase, from the date you sign that long-term lease with Sierra Corporate Management.

4x $1,300 = $5,200

  1. DO NOT sign a long-term lease. You will waive your right to any current or future Rent Control Ordinances that may be in force or implemented by your city or county.
  2. DO NOT sign any documents, seek immediate professional and/or legal advice. As soon as you “blindly sign” any document with Sierra Corporate Management, you've given up your homeowner rights somewhere – for something.
  3. DO NOT verbally agree to anything. All agreements should be in writing and signed via indelible ink by SCM, yourself, and a trusted witness – or two. Have all official documents Notarized.
  4. DO NOT pay for your purchased mobile home until you have obtained all legal purchase documents from SCM and/or the seller. This must include the Title to the mobile home, free and clear of any liabilities e.g. past due Property Taxes.
  5. DO NOT allow park management, Sierra Corporate Management and/or any of its assigns (employees, representatives, etc.) to “coerce” you into anything that is binding without first seeking legal advice.
  6. DO NOT violate your mobile home park rules and regulations. Organized residents may need to nudge “those residents” that are not contributing to the community e.g. lot appearances, etc. Pay close attention to the infrastructure of the park.
  1. DO document everything that takes place from the moment you read this. Exact dates and times are imperative. Photograph and document everything, no matter how small it is. You are now what we call a Forensic Homeowner.
  2. DO meet with other mobile home park residents and get organized – ASAP! Elect a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and start an HOA. Please, don't delay, do it today!
  3. DO plan on meeting with your City Council Members to discuss a Mobile Home Park Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance. You must approach this as an organized group – numbers matter.
  4. DO have someone with legal experience review any documents that you must sign with SCM. This is for your own protection.
  5. DO have an inspection performed on any mobile home purchase, new or used. This inspection should be performed by an independent third party who is not affiliated with SCM.
  6. DO make sure that the Title of the mobile home you are purchasing is free and clear of any and all liabilities ( Liens). Be sure all past due Property Taxes are paid in full.

Unofficially, there is NO State Agency that will assist mobilehome owners with the constant injustices taking place in California's mobile home parks.

Officially, the HCD (California Department of Housing and Community Development) is the State Agency designated to assist mobile home owners with Mobilehome Park Act violations dealing with health and safety issues related to the physical maintenance and operation of a park.

Unfortunately the HCD is understaffed and if your situation is not an emergency, they may or may not assist you. Based on information obtained to date along with this writer's experiences in dealing with the HCD, it appears that litigation (small claims, civil court) is your best option. You could also approach your City Council with the continual injustices taking place within your SCM managed mobile home park. Bring attention to the matter from City Officials.

You should still register your complaints with the HCD so that there is a properly documented paper trail on file with the State of California. Once you file the complaints, you may find that you need to perform multiple followup calls to the HCD office handling your complaints - be sure to get everything in writing. Do not accept anything verbally from HCD Inspectors, it MUST be in writing. If you're in Southern California, your complaint may go to the Southern Area Office located at 3737 Main Street, Suite 400 in Riverside, CA 92501-3337, 951-782-4420.

Important Note: Each mobile home owner should file a complaint with the HCD, this needs to be a group effort and not just one person filing the complaint on "behalf" of other mobile home park residents.

HDC Complaint Form
  1. Step 1: Provide Contact Information
  2. Step 2: Select Mobile Home Park from List
  3. Step 3: Provide the Complaint Details

Complaint Assistance: If you require help with your mobile home park complaint submission, contact your HOA representative or you can contact the MHPHOA and we'll direct you to a representative for assistance.