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Monday, January 11, 2016 – It has come to our attention that residents in two mobile home parks in the City of Santa Clarita are facing the loss of their mobile homes through an aggressive predatory business model that leads to evictions and potential homelessness.

Residents from both Granada Villa Mobile Home Park and Sierra Mobile Home Park have been actively pursuing the Santa Clarita City Council to initiate immediate changes to protect the health and safety, along with the financial stability of its mobile home park residents from a Kort & Scott Financial Group (KSFG) DBA and Sierra Corporate Management (SCM), the mobile home park managing division of the KSFG DBA.

Unfortunately, for the residents of Granada Villa Mobile Home Park, their plight has been a heartbreaking timeline of economic eviction events spanning over a decade. There has been a loss of 100+ mobile homes through a multitude of unfair and predatory business practices.

The California MRL ( Mobilehome Residency Law) Civil Code (§798), which is to supposed to govern the behavior of these types of mobile home park owners, has been, and continues to be, exploited at untold levels.

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) violations prevail in the majority of KSFG and SCM managed mobile home parks. See Lawsuits Against KSFG DBAs

Santa Clarita has a Manufactured Home Park Rent Adjustment Procedure (MHPRAP), a modified form of a Mobile Home Park Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). Granada Villa Mobile Home Park in Santa Clarita has 176 spaces.

A Kort & Scott Financial Group named business entity (DBA) purchased Granada Villa Mobile Home Park sometime in early 2000. During that time, it appears that 165 of the 176 rent controlled spaces have been lost through the nefarious business practices of KSFG and SCM. Only eleven (11) spaces remain under the city’s MHPRAP.

Average mobile home space rents for mobile home parks in Santa Clarita, California as of November 2015 range from $765 to $865 per month. Granada Villa Mobile Home Park residents are paying upwards of $1,400 per month. Does something seem wrong there?

How could this happen? How could the City of Santa Clarita allow KSFG and SCM to strip it’s neighborhood of a once, niche affordable housing element? Was the city aware of what was happening? Did the residents ever bring this to the city’s attention? There are many unanswered questions that we hope this article will solicit answers for.

We’ve been presented with a large dataset for the Granada Villa Mobile Home Park in Santa Clarita, California. Within that data are 75+ civil cases involving the KSFG DBA that owns Granada Villa Mobile Home Park. The DBA names change over time and/or existing DBAs are used during different time periods. See KSFG Table of 150 Companies

This predatory business practice allows KSFG to perform evictions on a scale that we’ve not seen when doing comparisons with other mobile home parks not owned by KSFG. Based on our initial research, this is not something that happens in most (95%+) mobile home parks, only those owned by aggressive park owners. We don’t even see this level of evictions for apartment dwellers based on similar housing conditions. There is something seriously wrong here and we intend on getting the proper assistance to deal with this urgent matter.

There are 33 mobile home parks in California that are owned by a KSFG DBA and managed by Sierra Corporate Management, that we have documented. We recently published a sampling of Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits being won by the KSFG DBAs throughout the State of California.

Sampling of 478 Eviction Lawsuits
Chronological Order from 2000 thru 2018

Many of these home owners lost their mobile homes through an economic eviction. Others have, and continue to lose their homes through the process of egregious and predatory business practices that cause the home owners to walk away from their mobile homes – they just abandon them and never make it to Civil Court. The KSFG DBA takes possession of the mobile homes and then resells them to the next unsuspecting chattel.

We have documented evidence to support our claims. It is present in this article and throughout the website. One look at the sampling of 25 Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits won by the KSFG DBA against the residents in Granada Villa Mobile Home Park should be enough to get someone’s attention in the City of Santa Clarita? Can someone on the City Council who is for the residents reach out, help, and “do the right thing” as they say?

While reviewing these Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits, they are summarized, pay close attention to the judgments. All of these end up with the home owner losing their mobile home. Many residents, and unnamed residents, end up with additional monetary judgments against them in the range of $4,000 to $8,000. These residents are being financially exploited and stripped of their assets at untold levels.

Once these mobile homes are in the possession of the KSFG DBA, the process starts all over again. Many of these homes may be sold illegally through a KSFG DBA or one of its affiliates or contractors. We are informed that recent sales in Granada Villa Mobile Home Park have been handled by a Maria Richardson.

We are also informed that the residents of many mobile homes purchased from a KSFG affiliate or contractor are without title. This is in direct violation of California Health and Safety Code §18080.4(a). See Non-Receipt of Mobile Home Title

We have been, and continue to bring this to the attention of state and government officials since our launch on Thursday, November 5, 2015. We were a bit ahead of schedule due to a very aggressive campaign of mobile home park purchases by KSFG DBAs, there were five (5) mobile home parks purchased in 2015 that we are aware of.

Corona La Linda Mobile Home Park residents received inside information that their space rents for new buyers was increasing from $650 to $1,300 one month after purchase. Those residents went to city council and prevented a massive round of economic hardship and evictions. The residents would have seen a 100% increase in space rents and a 50-75% decrease in the equity of their mobile homes in one month.

  1. Carson Gardens Trailer Lodge
    437 West Carson Street, Carson, California 90745
  2. Corona La Linda Mobile Home Park
    777 South Temescal Street, Corona, California 92879
  3. Laco Mobile Home Park
    22325 South Main Street, Carson, California 90745
  4. Sierra Mobile Home Park
    18204 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California 91387
  5. Starlight Mobile Home Park
    351 East Bradley Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021

We are meeting with state representatives and council throughout the remainder of January 2016 to discuss these matters in further evidentiary detail. We will aggressively pursue immediate change in certain areas, the potential for PTO (Permit to Operate) suspensions, and immediate relief for these residents which would include protection from any park management retaliation which is what the PTOs would provide.

There is a documented record of park management retaliation. Everything is available on the MHPHOA website and an Allegiance representative is available for Q&A. Please reply to your email with a request for Q&A and we will make further arrangements to set a time for discussion via phone – promptly.

Granada Villa Mobile Home Park is one of the most egregious examples of the KSFG business model at play, our primary focus will be to assist these residents out of oppression. Yes, these residents have been subjected to being oppressed by the KSFG named business entity, Sierra Corporate Management, its culpable staff, affiliates and contractors. The residents have been and continue to be under the constant threat of losing their mobile homes and if any residents come forward, they may be retaliated against by park management, this is a common occurrence.

Review the 19 evictions in 2015 for Hollydale Mobile Home Park (134 spaces), that’s a staggering 14% eviction rate in twelve (12) months. Are you aware of any other properties with eviction rates similar to that? Also, Hollydale residents have won two (2) class action lawsuits against their KSFG DBA, those 19 documented evictions in the year 2015 must be coincidental, yes?

We respectfully request that the City of Santa Clarita take this "free vetted information" and use it to the resident’s advantage. Granada Villa Mobile Home Park has been under the Sierra Corporate Management regime for over a decade, they have been one of the hardest hit parks in the KSFG portfolio.

Since the demographic are predominately Hispanic, first language is Spanish, they have been, and continue to be, groomed for eviction in vicious cycles, treated as chattel, eventually pushed out onto the streets stripped of their finances and whatever assets they may have had in life.

Add to the above, the seven (7) year scar on the ex-homeowners credit report, a civil court monetary judgment against them of $4,000 or more, the potential for wage and levy garnishments, and all sorts of other financial and emotional fallout, and this turns into an emergency situation on a grand scale, wouldn’t you think so? Is there room in your heart(s) to help these residents after reviewing the data presented?

Kort & Scott Pay $57,000,000
Largest Mobile Home Park Settlement Ever

Fri, Nov 22, 2019 – Kabateck LLP attorneys representing hundreds of low-income mobile home residents in Long Beach, California secured a nearly $57 million settlement, which is the largest settlement ever involving a mobile home park.

Lawsuits Against Kort & Scott DBAs

XXXXXX moved today, Sun, Jan 3, 2016, and leaves his mobile home in the hands of the park management with the remarks that they cannot afford the increasing space rents.

This may not be a good sign for mobile home park residents in the City of Santa Clarita, California.

We are currently providing information to The Afriat Consulting Group, Inc. for a campaign they are working on regarding Michael H. Scott, the one half of Kort & Scott Financial Group, who is proposing to build a $150M Giga-Mansion into a mountainside in Los Angeles, California.

There are a growing number of very concerned affluent residents, those with homes sitting right below the proposed development, who have organized and are not happy with Michael H. Scott’s plans.

If you have a few moments, and want to “follow the money” as they say, read this article to see where these monies that are being taken from these mobile home residents may be going. See Michael H. Scott’s Proposed Giga-Mansion

The Afriat Consulting Group, Inc.