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Daniel C. Fischer
3812 Scottsdale Drive
Irvine, California 92606

10932 Hunting Horn Drive
Santa Ana, California 92705

180 East Main Street, Suite 105
Tustin, California 92780

14751 Plaza Drive, Suite H
Tustin, California 92780

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# Entity Name Property Name Registered Agent State ID City ST Filing Status
Alpine Vista Village Mobile Associates LP Daniel C. Fischer 200609400016 Tustin CA 2006-04-04 Cancelled
Calle Higuera LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201419710219 Santa Ana CA 2014-07-14 Cancelled
FIG Glendale Communities LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201512010427 Santa Ana CA 2015-04-30 Active
FIG Golden State LLC Daniel C. Fischer 200803810253 Tustin CA 2008-02-08 Active
FIG Highland LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201533710209 Santa Ana CA 2015-11-30 Active
FIG Homecrest LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201530610066 Santa Ana CA 2015-10-29 Active
FIG Olive Hill LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201609810420 Santa Ana CA 2016-03-30 Active
FIG Wagon Wheel LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201520110349 Santa Ana CA 2015-07-16 Active
Fischer Investment Group LLC (FIG) Daniel C. Fischer 200803810250 Tustin CA 2008-02-05 Active
Friendly Village Mobile Associates LP Friendly Village Mobile Home Park
Previously Owned by a Kort & Scott Company
Daniel C. Fischer 200423800013 Tustin CA 2004-08-20 Cancelled
Glendale Communities LP Daniel C. Fischer 201512100022 Santa Ana CA 2015-05-01 Active
Golden State Mobile Lodge LP Daniel C. Fischer 200803800012 Santa Ana CA 2008-02-05 Active
Homecrest Mobile Associates LLP Raymond D. Schild L5828 Santa Ana CA 2007-03-16
Lamsi Holdings LLC Derek J. Burdsall L19739207 Tucson AZ 2014-12-30 Active
Legacy Asset Management Services LLC Daniel C. Fischer 200806110038 Santa Ana CA 2008-02-27 Active
Olive Hill MHC LP Daniel C. Fischer 201609800005 Santa Ana CA 2016-03-30 Active
Paramount DF LLC Dan Fischer 200523810071 Irvine CA 2005-08-25 Cancelled
Phoenix West Mobile Associates LP Michael Dorazio Jr. 200612300001 Irvine CA 2006-05-02 Cancelled
Plaza Drive LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201530710149 Santa Ana CA 2015-10-30 Active
Reseda Mobile Associates LP Reseda Mobile Homes
Currently Owned by a Kort & Scott Company
Daniel C. Fischer 200427100011 Irvine CA 2004-09-22 Cancelled
SCP Properties Boise LLC Raymond D. Schild W60533 Santa Ana CA 2007-03-16
SCP Properties Long Beach LLC Friendly Village Mobile Home Park
Previously Owned by a Kort & Scott Company
Daniel C. Fischer 200515710054 Tustin CA 2005-05-27 Cancelled
SCP Properties Loveland LLC Daniel C. Fischer 200608910076 Santa Ana CA 2006-03-30 Cancelled
SCP Properties Phoenix LLC Michael Dorazio Jr. 200528510114 Tustin CA 2005-10-11 Cancelled
SCP Properties Phoenix West LLC Michael D. Mowrey 200611410097 Irvine CA 2006-04-24 Cancelled
SCP Properties Reseda LLC Reseda Mobile Homes
Currently Owned by a Kort & Scott Company
Daniel C. Fischer 200427110003 Irvine CA 2004-09-22 Cancelled
Stableford Management Group LLC Michael D. Mowrey 200422510074 Irvine CA 2004-08-10 Cancelled
Strategic Capital Partners REI LLC Daniel C. Fischer 200424010142 Santa Ana CA 2004-08-25 Active
Ten Twenty Six LLC Dan Fischer 200520810096 Irvine CA 2005-07-25 FTB Suspended
Trade Winds Mobile Associates LLC Daniel C. Fischer 200202410168 Santa Ana CA 2002-01-24 Active
Wagon Wheel Mobile Associates LP Daniel C. Fischer 200529100019 Santa Ana CA 2005-10-18 Active
Welcome Home Phoenix LLC Daniel C. Fischer 201623710039 Tustin CA 2016-08-23 Cancelled