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Hart | King’s manufactured housing practice group is widely recognized as the premier legal group to assist manufactured housing communities, mobile home parks and RV parks throughout California. Hart King has been protecting the rights and legal interests of the manufactured housing community and mobile home and RV park owners for more than 35 years. Hart King represents well over 300 parks and communities statewide. The park and community owners range from single asset owners to national REITS.

We support industry trade organizations such as WMA, MHI, CMHI, MHET, CMPA and CalARVC. Our attorneys present at seminars at various manufactured housing industry conferences and conventions.
Hart | King – Manufactured Home Communities

# Name Title CBN Admitted
William R. Hart Senior Counsel 71127 1976-12-22
John H. Pentecost Managing Partner 99527 1981-12-01
C. William Dahlin Partner 91269 1979-11-29
Christopher R. Elliott Partner 137278 1988-12-07
Andrew C. Kienle Managing Partner 184809 1996-12-03
Robert G. Williamson Jr. Partner 73176 1976-12-22
Ronald J. Thommarson Senior Counsel 173849 1994-12-13
Rachelle E. Menaker Partner 132616 1987-12-14
Rhonda H. Mehlman Senior Counsel 143530 1989-12-11
Ryan J. Egan Associate 281836 2012-01-13
Neil J. Cacali Associate 306810 2015-12-03
Vickie Chan Associate 279069 2011-12-01
Kristen L. Erney Associate Attorney 287450 2012-12-07
Eric S. McIntosh Senior Counsel 182163 1996-06-03
Robyn G. Sherain Senior Counsel 172163 1994-12-01
Julie Veliz Paralegal

Hart | King, A Professional Corporation
4 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 900
Santa Ana, California 92707
Phone: 714-432-8700
Fax: 714-546-7457

2016 Apr – Hart King Attorney’s at Law – Warning! Work ethics are highest priority and highly reputable in the world of criminal power, further represent clients or park owners who are financial terrorists with the highest judicial degree. When it comes to money laundered through owners of multiple fictitious business names who need to use the legal system for unlawful credit collecting acts, harassment and altered court documents, false witness and fraud by an attorney, this is the team you need to legalize honest criminal activity. And, as dangerous as our society is today and with our economy falling further into hardship among the people, who will protect the ones who protect the fruit of those who are from the same tree (financial terrorists). Our lives dealing with others should be positive while constantly growing toward a healthier state of being. You reflect balance on the scales for measure of good vs. bad because everything that is hidden over in light is uncovered by its own measure to darkness standing over it. This business is going down and all that make bread thereof.
Victim Witness Coordinator (Former Employee)