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Tue, Dec 27, 2016 – On Tue, Mar 1, 2016, an open letter from Nancy Duffy McCarron, CBN 164780, was sent to Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California. The opening paragraph reads…

Open Letter on Behalf of the People of the State of California

On behalf of the PEOPLE of the STATE of CALIFORNIA we petition an investigation of an ongoing racketeering enterprise orchestrated by Robert Williamson, Ryan Egan, John Pentecost and others at HART|KING, 4 Hutton Center Drive, St 900, Santa Ana, CA 92707. The enterprise was designed to steal mobile homes in California and Western United States to enrich wealthy park owners. Park owners pay HART|KING to prosecute unlawful evictions to steal homes from private owners who are rendered homeless after this grand theft of assets.

HART|KING orchestrates this racketeering enterprise to steal mobile homes by:

Read the five (5) page Open Letter to Kamala Harris, Attorney General for the State of California.

View the entirety of both documents on Scribd (454 Pages).

  1. 2016-03-01, Part I
    Scribd Online PDF Viewer, 127 Pages
  2. 2016-04-08, Part II
    Scribd Online PDF Viewer, 327 Pages

Author: Nancy Duffy McCarron

  • California Bar Number 164780
  • Victim Rights Advocate
  • California Real Estate Broker
  • Arbitrator, Better Business Bureau (Southern California)
  • California Notary Public
  • Property Manager
  • CFLA Master Forensic Loan Auditor
Request to Investigate Hart | King

Note: Hart | King, A Professional Corporation located at 4 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 900, Santa Ana, California 92707, is the law firm used by Kort & Scott dba Sierra Corporate Management (SCM) to nefariously evict mobile home owners stripping them of their financial assets in the process.

  • Chronological Order from 2000 thru 2018
  • 16 of 33 Mobile Home Parks in California
  • 200+ Unlawful Detainers Executed by Hart | King Law
  • Park Owners: Kort & Scott Financial Group dba Sierra Corporate Management
Screenshot of Hart | King Website Manufactured Home Communities