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Department of Housing and Community Development

Thu, Jul 2, 2020 – The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is pleased to announce the Mobilehome Assistance Center is now accepting complaints from mobilehome/manufactured homeowners for issues within mobilehome parks related to Mobilehome Residency Law violations.

Who can submit a complaint?

Any mobilehome/manufactured homeowner who lives in a mobilehome park.

What types of complaints can be submitted for consideration?

Any complaints for issues within mobilehome parks related to Mobilehome Residency Law violations (California Civil Code). Common violations include illegal grounds for eviction, failure to provide proper notice of rent increases, or no written rental agreement between the park and mobilehome owner.

How does a mobilehome/manufactured homeowner submit their complaint?

Complaints must be submitted to HCD. HCD provides help to resolve and coordinate resolution of the most-severe alleged violations of the Mobilehome Residency Law.

Visit the Submit a Complaint webpage for details.

Please Note: HCD is prohibited from arbitrating, mediating, negotiating, or providing legal advice in connection with mobilehome park rent disputes, lease or rental agreements, or disputes arising from rental or lease agreements.

How long will the program last?

The Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program is a limited-term program that begins July 1, 2020 and ends January 1, 2024 (unless the program is extended by the California Legislature).

Thu, Sep 29, 2016 – On Monday, March 19, 2015, Chair D. Ewing of the East Davis County Fire Protection District (EDCFPC) announced that a task force of nine (9) was being formed to investigate the questionable business practices of Sierra Corporate Management.

One year later, on Friday, March 25, 2016, The People of the State of California (Plaintiff) filed a Complaint for Injunction, Civil Penalties, and Other Equitable Relief against Davis Group LP, Sierra Corporate Management Inc, Western Ventures LP, Abraham Arrigotti and DOES 1 through 20 inclusive.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, The People of the State of California won a Final Judgment and obtained an Injunction against Davis Group LP and Western Ventures LP.
Lawsuits Against Kort & Scott Companies

If you have a complaint regarding one of the below five (5) items, submit your complaint to the HCD. When submitting a complaint about Sierra Corporate Management to HCD, let them know that you would like to accompany the HCD Inspector during their inspection. It's up to the inspector on whether or not they allow you to accompany them.

Resident Comments: If you do not accompany the HCD Inspector during the investigation of your complaint(s), it has been witnessed that they will close the complaint(s) without further action if it is not an emergency. They won't contact you to let you know the complaint(s) have been closed. They won't provide anything in writing to you regarding the complaint(s), their status and/or why they were closed. You must follow up on your complaint(s) every step of the way. Ask for everything in writing and document the person's name you spoke with, their title and the date and time that you made the request. If you don't do this, the complaints may be "swept under the rug" as they say.

  1. Employee Housing Facility
  2. New Manufactured Home Warranty
  3. Manufacturer Construction Defects
  4. Mobilehome or Special Occupancy Park
  5. Manufactured Home Sales

File Your HCD Complaints

HCD Complaint Form
  • Step 1: Complainant Contact Information
  • Step 2: Complainant Homeownership Information
  • Step 3: Mobilehome Park Information
  • Step 4: Complaint Information
  • Step 5: Power of Attorney (Optional)
  • Step 6: Review
  • Step 7: Certification and Signature

Complaint Assistance: If you require help with your complaints to any of the resources provided, contact your HOA representative or contact the MHPHOA and we'll direct you to a representative for further assistance.

The HCD classifies complaints based upon the seriousness of the violation. There are two types of violations; "A" Violations and "B" Violations.

"A" Violations are the most hazardous and present an immediate danger or threat to human life or property. These violations must be corrected immediately or within five calendar days. An example of an "A" Violation would be a raw sewage spill – this is an emergency and must be dealt with immediately.

It is probable that debris (dead palm fronds) falling from trees that have not been maintained by park management may be considered an "A" Violation. Please don't wait, if you feel it is an immediate danger to life or property, contact the proper local authority in addition to submitting your HCD Complaints.

Resident Comments: If you have trees (particularly palm trees) on park property and they have not been maintained by the park owners, and they present what "you feel" is an immediate danger to life or property, contact the local Fire Department for assistance. They will come out and inspect the trees to see if there is an immediate danger. Use your local city resources whenever possible to correct anything that may be an immediate danger to life or property. Do this in addition to filing the HCD Complaint. The Fire Department will typically respond within a short period of your call. HCD on the other hand may take upward of thirty (30) days if it was not classified as an "A" Violation.

"B" Violations represent a significant health and safety threat and are to be corrected within 30 days. "B" Violations include electrical, fire safety, plumbing and structural problems. An example of a "B" Violation might be the use of an interior power cord on an exterior appliance.

File Your HCD Complaints

Do you have what you think are substandard mobile homes, manufactured homes, and/or recreational vehicles in your mobile home park managed by Sierra Corporate Management? Submit an HCD Online Complaint today for a "A Substandard Structure Issue".

Don't let Sierra Corporate Management use your mobile home parks for the on-site storage of Substandard Mobile Homes and/or other units. Take pictures of the units in question, take a few moments of your time, anonymously submit an online complaint, and get those substandard units Red-Tagged and out of your community promptly. They are in direction violation of California Health and Safety Codes.