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Follow the simple instructions provided by the Office of the Attorney General (AG) website. You must have supporting documentation for your complaints e.g. long-term lease agreements, rules and regulations, rent statements, 7 and/or 14 day incidental notices, 3/60 notices, supporting pictures, audio, videos, etc.

The MHPHOA invite you to use information from the website in your supporting documentation. Please read our Information Disclaimer prior to doing so.

If you are a victim of Sierra Corporate Management's aggressive predatory business practices e.g. you are about to lose your mobile home to Kort & Scott Financial Group, file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General today.

If Sierra Corporate Management have served you with a three-day written notice and a 60-day termination of tenancy (a 3/60 Notice), and you were not able to pay the monies due within the three-day written notice time period, and SCM will not accept your checks, and you feel that you are being economically evicted, file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General today. You are in an emergency situation right now and may lose your mobile home within 60 days. Please don't let this happen.

All complaints should be submitted individually by each resident who has a valid, legitimate complaint that the Attorney General can take action on and/or forward your complaint down the chain of command to the appropriate agency. Please note that your complaints to the Attorney General about Sierra Corporate Management and its business practices may be shared with other governmental agencies.

The Attorney General cannot answer legal questions or give you legal advice and cannot act as your personal lawyer. You should also understand that the Attorney General may need to refer your complaint to a more appropriate agency. That's okay, you've achieved a victory, your important complaints have been seen by the Office of the Attorney General and are now being shared with the appropriate agencies to take action.

If the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of another local, state or federal agency, you will be provided with appropriate referral information. In addition, the complaint may be shared with other governmental agencies. Please include copies of any supporting documents you may have, such as correspondence, contracts, invoices, receipts, etc. Do not send originals.

Thu, Sep 29, 2016 – On Monday, March 19, 2015, Chair D. Ewing of the East Davis County Fire Protection District (EDCFPC) announced that a task force of nine (9) was being formed to investigate the questionable business practices of Sierra Corporate Management.

One year later, on Friday, March 25, 2016, The People of the State of California (Plaintiff) filed a Complaint for Injunction, Civil Penalties, and Other Equitable Relief against Davis Group LP, Sierra Corporate Management Inc, Western Ventures LP, Abraham Arrigotti and DOES 1 through 20 inclusive.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, The People of the State of California won a Final Judgment and obtained an Injunction against Davis Group LP and Western Ventures LP.
Lawsuits Against Kort & Scott Companies

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