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Legal Issues Related to Sales of Manufactured Housing Units

Thu, Sep 21, 2017 – March 3, 2014 – This Information Bulletin provides guidance for mobilehome park operators, employees and other interested parties regarding legal prohibitions and requirements on buying, selling, and leasing manufactured homes, mobilehomes and multifamily manufactured homes (hereafter, "manufactured housing units") without a Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) manufactured home occupational license.

The general rule is that an occupational license is required for persons involved in the purchasing and selling of manufactured housing units.
HCD Information Bulletin 2014-01 (MH, MP, OL)

HCD Information Bulletin 2014-01 (MH, MP, OL)

Summary and Conclusion

Many manufactured housing transactions currently occurring involve violations of State laws and regulations, and should be handled by HCD or BAE licensed sales personnel. As a result, California consumers are being deprived of various rights and protections including adequate disclosures, clear purchase/sales agreements, fair escrows, and decent and safe manufactured homes and mobilehomes. In many cases, these problems occur because of lack of information regarding state requirements; in other cases, erroneous interpretations of state requirements are taking place with potential civil and criminal consequences to those involved as well as financial harm to victims purchasing the homes. Park operators selling or leasing park-owned manufactured housing should consult with their attorneys as to the rights and obligations of both the lessors or sellers and the lessees or buyers, and other park employees also should consult as appropriate regarding their rights and obligations.

HCD Occupational License Search

Fri, Sep 15, 2017 – Institutional Property Advisors, a division of Marcus & Millichap, arranged the sale of Chelsea Santa Monica, a 53-unit mixed-use asset with a 5,988-square foot retail component in Santa Monica, Calif. Platinum Acquisitions LLC, a subsidiary of Kort & Scott Financial Group, purchased the asset from a joint venture between Century West Partners and BlackRock Realty Advisors Inc.

Located at 1318 Second St., between Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Avenue, just one block from Santa Monica’s famous Third Street Promenade, Chelsea Santa Monica is within three blocks from the beach and just minutes from several dining, shopping and nightlife options. The community features studios, one- and two-bedroom units, ranging in size from 403 to 572 square feet.

Core Downtown Santa Monica Mixed-Use Asset Sold by IPA

Wed, Sep 13, 2017 – Institutional Property Advisors (IPA), a division of Marcus & Millichap (NYSE: MMI), announces the sale of Chelsea Santa Monica, a rare, core, 53-unit mixed-use asset with 5,988 square feet of retail space in downtown Santa Monica, California.

Greg Harris, Ron Harris, Green and Joseph Grabiec, senior director, represented the seller, a joint venture partnership between Century West Partners and BlackRock Realty Advisors Inc., and procured the buyer, Platinum Acquisitions LLC, a subsidiary of Kort & Scott Financial Group. Platinum Acquisitions has acquired nearly $350 million in multifamily product over the last 18 months and plans to continue this acquisition trend in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Apartment Complex Purchased

Chelsea Santa Monica (53 Units)
1318 2nd Street
Santa Monica, California 90401

MHP News Resources

Kort & Scott Pay $57,000,000
Largest Mobile Home Park Settlement Ever

Fri, Nov 22, 2019 – Kabateck LLP attorneys representing hundreds of low-income mobile home residents in Long Beach, California secured a nearly $57 million settlement, which is the largest settlement ever involving a mobile home park.

Lawsuits Against Kort & Scott DBAs

MRL Protection Program

Sometimes, in mobilehome parks, disputes can arise between mobilehome/manufactured homeowners and park management. To help resolve some of these disputes, California created the Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program (MRLPP) through the Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act of 2018, Assembly Bill 3066 (Chapter 774, Statutes of 2018).

Who Can Submit a Complaint?

Must be a mobilehome / manufactured homeowner residing in a permitted mobilehome park.

What Types of Complaints can be Submitted for Consideration?

Complaints for issues within mobilehome parks related to Mobilehome Residency Law violations (California Civil Code). Common violations include illegal grounds for eviction, failure to provide proper notice of rent increases, or no written rental agreement between the park and mobilehome owner.

How do I submit my complaint?

Complaints must be submitted to HCD. HCD provides assistance to help resolve and coordinate resolution of the most severe alleged violations of the Mobilehome Residency Law. Visit the How to Submit a Complaint page for details on ways to submit your complaint to HCD.