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MHPHOA Glossary

Mobile Home Park glossary of terms starting with the letter N, abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, and definitions of each.


National Apartment Association
National Association of Realtors
Net Lease
A Commercial Real Estate Lease where the landlord charges a lower base rent for the commercial space, plus some or all of "usual costs," which are expenses associated with operations, maintenance, and use that the landlord pays. These can include real estate taxes; property insurance; and common area maintenance items (CAMS), which include janitorial services, property management fees, sewer, water, trash collection, landscaping, parking lots, fire sprinklers, and any commonly shared area or service.
National Manufactured Home Owners Association
NN Lease
See Double Net Lease
NNN Lease
See Triple Net Lease
Net Operating Income (NOI) is a calculation used to analyze real estate investments that generate income. Net operating income equals all revenue from the property minus all reasonably necessary operating expenses.